365 Somethings #154 - 159 {rainbow love + design principles of collage}

“The simple things are also the most extraordinary things, and only the wise can see them.”
Paulo Coelho 

"chase desperately"

Patterned cardstock, found text, playing card, magazine clippings, paint chip.


Patterned cardstock, map, fabric, hand-painted papers, ribbon, found text.

"playfully categorical"

Ephemera with polish text, fabric, patterned cardstock, map, hand-painted papers, found text.


Accounting papers from the 1970's, patterned cardstock, fabric, hand-painted papers, ephemera, paint chip, found text.

"replica of Claire"

Accounting papers from the 1970's, patterned cardstock, hand-painted papers, found text.

"flowers instead"

Glittery costume fabric, patterned cardstock, fabric, hand-painted papers, ephemera, magazine clippings, found text.

I have been creating 365 3x5' stitched index card dividers since the beginning of 2013. In this set, I started to explore the rainbow, and that will continue in the next set. These were some of the most fun cards yet. I love cruising through my ephemera, patterned papers, painted papers, junk mail, paint chips and magazines looking for specific colors. I try to balance the colors, textures, patterns, contrast, into a pleasing composition.

A number of folks have asked about the concepts behind collage. My "perspective" on collage {considering that I just "do" art, but didn't major in art but rather accounting} is to work intuitively, a step at a time. I play. I don't plan anything ahead of time. I collect a bunch of paper scraps from my sewing table next to the machine and just add one at a time. I like to think that I consider design principles when creating collages, but I don't know if I comprehend all of them!

I just create collages that I like. It's nothing more complex than that. I create for me.

You know when you look at a collage or art journal page and have this feeling that it needs "something" but don't know what? I found resources that might help make collage and composition more sensible for those of us who did not go to art school!

I don't follow a checklist, but I do like to see that there is some harmony and balance in my collages. Sometimes, frankly, I just "squint" at them and see if they look balanced. Or I imagine them in Photoshop, changed to black-and-white, and see what pops out {or does not pop out}.

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Featuring Magazine Issue #4 is hot off the printing press and my little article is deep within the creative goodness. The magazine is available only via mail order {here's a link} from the Netherlands.

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