365 Somethings #126-132

"We know from myths and fairy tales that there are many different kinds of powers in the world. One child is given a light saber, another a wizard's education. The trick is not to amass all the different kinds of available power, but to use well the kind you've been granted. Introverts are offered keys to private gardens full of riches. To possess such a key is to tumble like Alice down her rabbit hole."
Susan Cain

"future recedes quickly"

fabric, found text

"looked behind us"

hand-painted papers, fabric, found text, ephemera

"step by step"

fabric, found text

"because the mail stops coming"

fabric, found text

"the competition:

fabric, watercolored paper, found text

"a parade in a day or two"

fabric, found text

"and another witty and inexpensive poem"

stamped index card, fabric, found text


My background project for 2013 is to make 365 stitched collages on 3x5" cards. I say "background" because it's sort of always there, behind the scenes. It's not feasible for me to make 365 Somethings in a week or even in a month, but in a year, definitely. You can see all of the collages to date in this Flickr set and read all of the posts about my 365 Somethings project.