365 Somethings #1-12

“Perhaps when we find ourselves wanting everything,
it is because we are dangerously close to wanting nothing.”
Sylvia Plath

The first collage was shared in an earlier post. A commentor asked if the "C" stood for collage and actually I hadn't even noticed what letter I'd selected - I have a stack of these index card dividers {the paper is like that of manila folders, I've only found them at Staples here in the states}. The older ones have alpha letters but my recent aquisitions do not.

Notice the thread ran out while I stitched the one above, but I like the holes.

Knotted a bit of twine and stitched it to the collage to add more texture and dimension.

Love using blue jean fabric. I had to hem my latest two pairs of jeans because they were like 4" too long, and now I have a bunch of deep indigo fabric. Plus when the girls grow out of their jeans, I selflessly volunteer to cart them off to my sewing lair.

A blue card.

Oh this is soooooo much fun!

Addictively fun!

Sewing maniac deluxe fun!

Hanna is challenging us to make 365 somethings. I like that idea. I've never done a 365 type project and I'm thinking that I will have a goal of 7/week rather than 1/day because if I am at the sewing machine I might as well make a bunch at the same time. I notice that when I make a bunch of something, they morph and change in interesting ways. If you are doing the challenge, please join Flickr group for 365 Somethings. The idea is to just make 365 of something this year. The funny thing is that I did a monthly challenge in June {ICAD}, July {ICAD}, Aug {DPP}, Sep {DPP}, Nov {AEDM} and Dec {Pattern-a-Day}. I skipped October because we were in Italy half of the month! 

When I sit at my sewing machine and mix a potion of bits into a collage, it feels like magic! I could definitely see making 365 of these. That's how much fun! I have like a zillion art projects screaming swirling around in my head and it's not like I needed to add another. But you know how if you want something done, you should ask a busy person? I guess that's what it's like. As long as I'm doing other artstuffs, might as well pile on a bunch more!