365 Somethings 2018 № 1

I'm doing a 365 Somethings Project along with Hanna Andersson. We did this in 2013 and this year - 5 years later - we are doing it again. There's a growing community of folks  doing the challenge - SO exciting! I'm really surprised and happy!!!

What I learned in my 2013-365 project [365 collages on 3x5" index cards] was that the more collages I made, the more ideas actually OPENED UP before me. I got more in touch with the process, with the materials, and there seemed to be less "space" between my brain and the work itself. That, my friends, is difficult to describe.

This is not mindlessly making widgets, pumping out things. 

Starting my 365 Somethings Project.

The purpose for me is to add depth to my creative process. Exploring. Experimenting. Theorizing. Creating. Loosening up. Learning. Allowing for happy accidents. Not shooting for perfect. Not needing perfect. 

Your 365 could be about building meaningful things, about documenting something important to you, about drawing, painting, knitting, sculpting, embroidering, writing, lettering, bookbinding, photographing, or gratitude tracking. 

Somethings № 001-004
For the first few weeks I'll probably post twice per week and then maybe a weekly update after that?

What I love about making art is the magnificent chaos of it all,
the way that we can invent and reinvent our creative process at any time.

Abstracts in ink by Tammy Garcia https://daisyyellowart.com #365somethings2018

I love the act of finding new ways to juxtapose words, colors, papers, and lines. And so moving forward, I'll be doing lots of art. Working in my altered books, working on index cards, drawing lines... but my scaffolding, my safety net.... the thing that will bridge the entire year.

I feel both overwhelmed and exhilarated at the outset of this project. I'm not going to sugarcoat it, folks! I toyed with how I might shape this, define it, and keep it small and do-able, yet with a constraint that would keep me engaged and open to discoveries. So my project is to create 365 abstracts on 3x3" watercolor paper. I'll stick with inks until one day when I switch gears to another medium. 

I'm curious about whether this project will help me get better at abstract work yet...  I know that it may take months to see tangible progress. 

Inky fun https://daisyyellowart.com

The logistical aspects of my plan are in place. So that means that I have enough paper, ink, acrylics & gouache to do this. I purchased a dozen sheets of watercolor paper and more ink. I'm down to 6 spools of thread so I'll need to order that.  

To get a fresh start, even though I have been super tired lately, I took everything off my art desk, wiped it generously, accumulated the tiny paper collage bits into a cigar box, dusted everything {ugh} and put it back in place. Unfortunately, ink splatters reached further than I thought, and so there were splatters on the sewing machine! I moved it aside for now and can move it back as needed. 

That allowed me the elbow space to cut the watercolor paper into 3x3" cards, 170 or so, but I lost track. That's about 50% of the cards that I'll need... but aaaargh I don't want to cut paper for a while! When I have a lull in the action, I'll cut the rest. 

create 365 of something by 12/31/18

You choose how you work. It might be in batches, in groups, or just on weekends. You can 7/day... then switch to something else... or create 1/day but know that you CAN and are ENCOURAGED to skip a day to give yourself grace + flexibility + ZERO guilt.

Share your work at instagram tagged #365somethings2018 and follow that tag to see what everyone is making for their project. 

Your to-do list: Define your somethings. Keep it simple, do-able and fun. Pick something that you really want to explore. 

365 Somethings Project 2018 by Tammy Garcia https://daisyyellowart.com