21 Secrets Tools & Techniques

Dirty Footprints Studio announced a new series of 21 Secrets {self-paced workshops taught via videos & tutorials} and the lineup of artists and creative workshops looks quite inviting. You can hop around and check out a bunch of different approaches, and it could help you decide what direction you'd like to go, the type of journaling that resonates with you, the type of art you'd like to know better. The new Tools & Techniques allows you to learn from 21 different artists for one low price.

I've taught 3 workshops through 21 Secrets {the latest was Crossroads {find a peek at my workshop page}, part of Spring 2015 version, available here} and have found this to be a great creative resource.

You can find my Crossroads workshop in the 21 Secrets Spring 2015 series of art journaling workshops. It's an online, self-paced mixed media workshop that explores art journaling at the intersection of watercolor, machine stitching and ink. If you register for any of the 21 Secrets workshops through these links, I receive a small percentage of the purchase, and I appreciate your support of Daisy Yellow!