2007 | Evolution

That's when I started this art craziness.

The blog started mid-2008, but the art started before that. I thought  I might share some of my early stuff, I think by this time I'd left my job as a quantitative analyst and was just starting to play around. I started with doodling during my kids' activities (like swimming lessons, gymnastics, the little kid stuff) and doing artist trading cards.

I dug through my digital photos from 2007 and here's what I found!

One of my first ATCs, messy drippy silver paint marker with watercolor on top.

I remember writing these on an airplane.

One of my first art journal pages. Scrapbook paper, maps, found ephemera, gesso, neocolors, writing in black pen.

One of my earliest doodles. I used some sort of template to draw the circles in green marker and then colored them with patterns. Gellyrolls, pitt brush pens, microns.

A massive rainbow collage on posterboard, you can kind of see the red fading into orange and blue and green and purple at the top, like a sunburst.

Torn paper wavy collage ATC.

A woven ATC. Instructions here.

ATC. Colored pencil on black cardstock. This is a pattern I have been drawing since high school. I remember a poster-sized drawing I did in 10th or 11th grade with layers of triangles with different patterns on each. After graduating college with a degree in Accounting, I didn't do much of any art for 20 years! And then it all started coming back to me, my love of art. 

Go back 5 years into your bag of artsy goodness.
What do you see?
How did your art evolve?
What is changing at this very moment?