20 Things Dare

Art journal by Tammy Garcia.

20 things I have never used in my art journal:

  1. masking tape
  2. a tax return
  3. delicate violet ribbon
  4. a menu
  5. a plaid fabric swatch
  6. fingerprints
  7. a thesaurus
  8. lyrics from Dark Side of the Moon
  9. glitter
  10. a page from an econ textbook
  11. a Wal-Mart receipt
  12. indigo velvet
  13. a diagram of a bicycle
  14. a spiro-graph
  15. a CD cover
  16. kids' stickers
  17. avery address labels
  18. a cereal box
  19. twigs
  20. blue painter's tape

Now I've got 20 new ideas!

In the comments, list up to 20 things you've never used to create an art journal page, numbering each idea. The catch is that you can't repeat anyone's ideas!