20 Things Dare Squared

I did a little more brainstorming.

20 things I have used to make an art journal page:

  1. clear marker
  2. stamped fabric
  3. a telephone directory
  4. a ticket to the Texas State Fair
  5. fruit stickers
  6. a big arrow
  7. kid-painted acrylic backgrounds
  8. metro tickets
  9. a grocery list
  10. thin scraps of scrapbook paper
  11. tissue paper
  12. ground rose petals
  13. jimmy buffett lyrics
  14. fiber paste
  15. a bank statement
  16. $100 bill wrapper
  17. a chopstick
  18. wine cork stampings
  19. bubble wrap stamps

In the comments, list up to 20 things you have used to create an art journal page, numbering each idea. The catch is that you can't repeat anyone's ideas!

Can we generate 1000 ideas together (just 980 to go)?


P.S. As of today, we have come up with 132 things never used in our art journals.

I'm thinking this list will be easier!