11+ ICAD Tips to Keep Going Anyhow

I know you can figure out a way to make this ICAD process work!

Some things to consider? 

1. It's not rocket science, it's just an index card. This is a super duper simple substrates -- cheap, risk-free, abundant. Start with a 100-pack. 

2. Change a variable or two. Dig into the art material boxes that you haven't used in a few years. Grab something interesting and use that as your spark. 

3. Re-organize 18" of your creative space and put completely different tools and materials within your reach. See what happens. 

4. Get out of your house. Do art elsewhere. Go to a café or sit on your back porch with your emergency art material kit.*

5. Look at the big picture. Not just the 61-goal, but the over-riding goal of ANY creative challenge. To inject more creative stuff, more making, more doing, more art, more poetry, more writing... into your life!!! That is what it is all about. A challenge is a vehicle to get from POINT A to POINT B where POINT B is more creative stuff! 

6. Not all challengers get to the magic 61-goal. But!!!! Have faith in the process folks!!! Challengers tell me EVERY SINGLE YEAR that even if they didn't do all 61, the challenge WORKED. It refreshed a love of daily creating. It pushed new ideas into the forefront.

7. If you are super duper INTO what you are exploring, do MORE of that! If it is boring you, do something else! We are all different, we approach creative work differently, we approach creative challenges differently. 

8. Reconsider the prompts. If you look at the list of prompts and feel a weight on your shoulders -- you could go off-prompt for awhile. They're optional. 

9. If you have fallen out of the daily creative habit or veered off from your strategic goals or plans, climb right back in to your ICAD rocket ship. Reset your sails, as they say!

10. This is a positive challenge! I encourage you to look at the cup as HALF FULL and not HALF EMPTY. Missing a day or three is not failure. You can still play! At the end of the challenge whether you have completed 37 or 47 or the magic 61 you will have a STACK-O-CARDS and a feeling of accomplishment.

11. Change the mood. Light some jasmine incense, listen to an audiobook, cut up an old cookbook for collage fodder. Get a better task lamp. 

12. Trade something for more art time. Cancel coffee with your cousin's neighbor's boss who wants to talk to you about investment strategy. Pass up a volunteer endeavor [I'm guilty of over-volunteering, and I get that you want to do good. But leave a little time for yourself].  

So YES you can do this, even if you missed a few days, you are welcome to continue!!! You are encouraged to continue!!! This is your invitation. Keep going.... anyhow!

Daisy Yellow Index Card Art Tutorials: Explore Pack

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Detailed list of materials, step-by-step instructions and examples for each technique. 
6 tutorial videos; one hour of high quality video instruction [videos not down-loadable but available through 12/31/20]

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Corners Collage, Pattern Mapping, Abstract Landscape, Rainbow Sherbet, Doodle Spark, and Block Lettering.

Upon purchase, you'll receive a download link. Non-refundable. 
©2018 Tammy Garcia.

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*Emergency art material kit contents? Markers, index cards, a roll of washi tape, a mini-stapler, headphones, your phone or iPad, a spotify playlist and a freshly cut Honeycrisp apple.