Abstract landscapes, a mini-series!

Continuing to sketch and paint a series of tiny landscapes, curious to find out what is just beyond these paths? It’s like there’s something in the distance but it is a mystery or a conundrum. So many landscapes this year, all adding up to a mini-series of sorts. Naturally, some turn out better than others! Like I might paint several in a row that just rock and then a slew with questionable gravitational sensibility! I’m sort of all over the map - achieving some interesting color interactions and then just as often docks + fences that look like ladders up to the stars, with baffling perspectives, etc.

I do believe this is a form of riffing, or brainstorming, here’s a post on that and the starting point is the concept of a landscape - abstract and not trying to emulate reality, just the ESSENCE of reality. Here are some of the small works I’ve painted, some in ink, some in gouache. Some on index cards, some on squares of watercolor paper.

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Sometimes you just need a starting point!

When you are feeling verklempt and can't decide what to do, you can open up The Creative Nudge and set forth on a trajectory. I know that you are creative!!!! That is not the question. You are, for sure! But sometimes you need a starting point to break through some resistance or missing muse or hesitation or creative block or perceived roadblock. 

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zineDaisy Yellow
Making a Tiny Accordion Book

Making an accordion book is simply a matter of cutting paper and folding it back and forth. My books are impromptu and unplanned and messy; I don’t worry about precise measurement or whether the book is perfectly aligned or level. I just like the process of making them! The finished book size will be the height and width of a single folded section, and it will zig zag OUT so that you can exhibit the book and see one side; flip the book and see the other side!

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Creative Nudge Vol. 02

I’ve been working on this NEW collection of 14 explorations and after excessive and admittedly abundant editing, refining, revising, and perfecting… it is ready to release to you! I HOPE you L O V E it! It’s hard to fathom but since 2011, when I started developing the Daisy Yellow Zine I’ve written 18 regular issues, 4 special ICAD-themed issues, plus 2 Creative Nudges! If you’ve got a zine scorecard, that’s 24 digital zines. The Creative Nudge is different from a regular zine because it is much longer, with expanded explorations + tutorial videos.

😀😀😀 Save $6 on Nudge VOL 01 and Vol 02 thru August 10th 😀😀😀

❝Create something tangible...
a page in your art journal,
a sketch on an index card, a short story,
or another project to interpret the ideas.❞

Enjoy the prompts, threads, concepts, curiosities & possibilities.
I’ve also filmed two brand new video tutorials!!!

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