31+ Notes Re: Doing Art Every Day for 31 Days

If you're a long-time reader [thank you 🦋 for that] you already know that I work in my own little world called Tammyland. I go upstairs to my art desk and my shoulders instantly relax. I watch the squirrels scurrying up tree branches, defying my understanding of gravity. And I draw or paint or collage or whatever strikes my mood as a good idea on that particular day.

Nothing beats an obsessive dive 
into a daily art challenge.

So this is my official wrap-up, my lessons learned from creating a series of square inked cards every day for a month. I'll be curious to learn whether these resonate!

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Equivalent of Almost

Think of an art journal as a holding place for color & texture & words & exploration. You might carry out that exploration via words, thoughts, analyses, and/or art materials. I think it's important to use your journal in a way that works for you. It does not have to be deep and it does not have to be playful. Whatever grey zone that you want to work inside! Your journal, your choice.

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Wonder31 #21: Horizon

Try not to get all wrapped up in HOW you interpret a prompt. In the big picture of the universe, it does not matter. Just start somewhere. What matters is starting. I encourage you to go back to Wonder31 #1 and get started. They're fun, light-hearted prompts; they'll get you rolling and you'll enjoy your daily escapades. The prompts are here to kick-start your art. That's it. Not solve the riddles of Narnia or win you an Emmy. 

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