Authentic, recycled, repurposed, one-of-a kind, heirloom, organic, collector's edition, non-GMO, certified, hypo-allergenic, memorial, archival, acid-free, digital commemorative patches.

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7th Annual Daisy Yellow
Index-Card-a-Day Challenge
June 1-July 31, 2017. 
The idea is simple.
Create something on index card
every day for 61 days. 


A creative person who has finished the ICAD challenge at least one time, creating 61 cards. 


A creative person who is starting the challenge for the first time. A first year participant. ICADettes also wear funny hats.


Everyone who inhabits the magical imaginary city of of ICADlandia, aka ICADia or the ICADzone, perhaps ICADcity. 


What on earth is an ICADian? 

In the ICAD FB Group for the 2015 challenge, there was a running  joke and we had SO much fun with this! I believe it was Robin Mead who started the naming trend, and it just carried on!