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Yay! Let’s paint!

We will be drifting away on a peaceful + relaxing adventure through patterns + marks as we explore watercolor or gouache in an intuitive way. The goal is to chill out, enjoy the flow of paint, the intermingling of colors, the serendipitous surprises. Join me for creative open-ended play! Drawing or painting every day is the way that I clear my mind. It brings some peace + clarity and in many ways has evolved into a form of meditation. 

A rejuvenating and energizing assortment of playful, colorful, experimental painting ideas, a chance to run + explore without rules. And yes: rainbows!!! You can paint your own escape hatch, a patchwork of calm!

The techniques are great for loosening up your drawing and painting practice.

I’ll help you make all sorts of marks with a brush and pencil, draw + paint repeating patterns, refine your brush control, do some lettering, and create abstract shapes with happy accidents + intermingling colors!!! 🌟 

My introduction to the workshop. Join me!!!

Loosen up your painting style and allow for happy bursts of color + pattern!

Meander via with pencil & paint, drifting peacefully in a pool of vibrant color. Paint imperfect, quirky patterns with watercolor or gouache, explore mark-making with different brushes, and draw tiny repeating patterns to embellish with color.

Playful techniques for creating doodles & repeating patterns in watercolor or gouache. After painting in this relaxed and playful way, you’ll feel way more comfortable with open-ended, intuitive drawing and painting!

We’ll focus on the joy of painting + mark-making rather than perfect end results.

The lines, the intersections of color, the positive and negative space, the patterns that develop along the way, the freedom to follow tangents and questions just to see what happens. We will work intuitively rather than with rules + structure + color wheels. Any experience level welcome, including absolute beginners!

A peek into one of the techniques - this is a super speedy version “Boxed!”


Level: Beginner level workshop.

Details: Self-paced online workshop taught via video tutorials with creative prompts, tips & tricks. 6+ hours of video content. 

Art Materials: You'll need good quality watercolor paper, 3 good quality watercolor brushes, and watercolor [pan or tubed] or gouache [tubed] paints. Details at the website upon registration.

Supportive FB group: I’ll be actively facilitating in a FB group for folks taking Tiny Adventure; that means that I’ll help troubleshoot common problems that you encounter with materials and the [watercolor or gouache] painting process. You can interact with kindred art journalists, get extra ideas, participate in discussions about creativity! As always…. I work hard to create a positive, nurturing space to share your colorful creations.

Workshop Access: Through 12/31/21.
Facebook Group: Through 12/31/19.

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What happens after you register?

Within 48 hours you’ll get an email from Tammy, the login for the workshop website, a detailed materials listing [watercolor or gouache paint, pencil or PITT pen, watercolor brushes, watercolor paper], plus an invitation to the dedicated FB group!

Yay! You can do this!!!

Kindly read KNOW BEFORE REGISTERING at the bottom of the Workshops page. Thanks!

Here are some of the pages we paint in Tiny Adventure!

Daisy Yellow Tiny Adventure
Daisy Yellow Tiny Adventure
Daisy Yellow Tiny Adventure Workshop #watercolor #gouache #workshop
Daisy Yellow Tiny Adventure