Hi. I'm Tammy.

I teach online art journaling + creativity workshops and write about the creative process and art journaling in each issue of the Daisy Yellow Zine. My favorite art forms are mixed media art journaling, collage, gouache, ink, and drawing detailed designs & patterns. I work at the intersection of exploration + curiosity with a focus on helping creative people generate ideas and get into the process rather than making perfect finished work.

Contact me: tammy [dot] daisyyellow [at] gmail [dot] com

Index-Card-a-Day [ICAD] Creative Challenge

I’m the founder and facilitator of the annual [ridiculously fun] Index-Card-a-Day Challenge. The 9th annual community challenge ran June 1 - July 31, 2019. The goal is to do a tiny, approachable creative project each day... on an index card! Yup! Thousands of people around the globe participate!

Print, Podcasts, Interviews, Etc.

My work has been published in print in A World of Artist Journal Pages, by Dawn DeVries Sokol [2015], and in Featuring Magazine, a print magazine published in Amsterdam, Featured Blogger in Issue #2, Article: Creative Inspiration in Issue #4 [2012-2013].

You can find interviews & podcasts scattered about, including: Creativity Matters Podcast Episode #189: The Raven,[2016], Dirty Footprints Studio; 21 Secrets Conversations with Connie Solera [2015], and a Bonus interview from A World of Artist Journal Pages, Dawn DeVries Sokol [2015], Creative Living Podcast with Jamie Ridler [2014]. I also wrote a series of articles for Create Mixed Media, including Journal Fresh [2011].


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