82% of a creative challenge

Oh my gosh! You are doing amazing things all around the land of ICAD!!! I'm seeing SO much art flowing every day! Wow! Congrats for doing what it takes to keep your {interest, adrenalin, energy} going strong since we started in June. I've found the challenge to be such fun this year - the art break is good for all of us, isn't it? I hope that you have been able to use ICAD as a way to refresh and reboot something wonderful in terms of your creative work!

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Yay. The Creative Nudge

You know how I'm always talking 🗃 about keeping your creative momentum spinning year-round? 
​​​​​​​Not letting the energy fade? Sticking with the positive creative habits that you refresh during ICAD each year?

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Daisy Yellow
Mindful Meditative Mandala Madness

Ⓜ️andalas & geometric patterns 🙃 are our themes for Week 5️⃣ of the Index-Card-a-Day Challenge
where our goal is to make 61 cards in 61 days, at the pace of ONE per DAY! I've done 4 Instagram Lives this week where we did mandala draw-alongs, and I hope you caught one of them! Be sure to follow me at @gypsy999 to catch future arty fun. 

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1icad, mandalaDaisy Yellow
Wonder31 #23: Batik

Surely you are thinking that I forgot about my promise to do all of the Wonder31 prompts? This week I created something to INTERPRET this prompt! I found a scrap of painted paper [with acrylics] and it seemed like a perfectly batik-like background for a mandala. And it was... batik! 

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