Index-Card-a-Day 2018 Index

Here's how it works. Folks around the globe 🏄 create something on an index card from June 1 - July 31. That's 61 days of creative work! It's not a competition or a who-can-do-better-art kind of fancy schmancy challenge but a super intense roll-up-your-sleeves project.
Bookmark this page. This serves as a table of contents 🌻 and index for the annual challenge.

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Index-Card-a-Day Warm-Ups No. 1-3

The first set of warm-ups!

This is your diving board, your launch pad, the GO square in Monopoly, the first pitch, the kick-off, the face-off, the on-switch, the green light, the turbo-boost, the spark, the rocket fuel, the whatever-it-takes to get started. Get yourself into the zone, the mood to create, the mental space to conquer your stack of index cards. For warm-ups, you can work on ANY substrate or medium.

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Rainbow color wheels in thread + ink

My sewing machine was calling to me from the corner of the art table. When I don't use it for a few weeks I miss sewing, I miss making marks with thread. So I made some collaged pie charts last year in my art journal and on index cards and the theme - whether you see it as a divided circle or a trivial pursuit playing piece or a color wheel - keeps returning to my mind.

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