Masking with washi tape

As I work through my 365 Somethings project, I can think of new ideas but I can also look through art I've done before and revisit "old" ideas with flare and a twist! Further, I can grab an index card and try to do the same technique on both surfaces - a lush watercolor square and a basic 3x5" index card. The results will be different! 

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Jigsaw puzzles, ravines, and oxford commas.

When I'm working on my art I'm in my own little world. Strike that, because when I'm listening to an audiobook [murder-mysteries] or a podcast [about creativity, psychology, the intersection of humans & technology, photography]...  I suppose I'm in two different worlds? Anyhow, the project is going well. It's FREEING to know that I've got 365 cards as fodder for discoveries, so there's no rush or pressure.

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The Zine: Chock full of colorful and creative ideas. 

Each year, I write a series of EXTRA content that expands upon the ideas shared here at the blog. And now -- I just released Issue No. 17: Kick-Start Your Creative Practice 💙 You'll find eye candy and [the best part] an automatic excuse to sit in a cozy chair, sip chamomile tea and reflect. ☕️🕉🧘🏻‍♀️

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Interplanetary Chandeliers

Hi there! This is my 3rd post where I share my 365 project with you! I'm multitasking, if that's the word? Batching. Grouping. Lots of different cards with lots of different things going on simultaneously. Each day I look at the cards and make a split second decision to call some of them done. This week I worked in ink again, with stitching on some cards and also a tiny bit of acrylic paint entered the picture.

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52+ Repeatable Daily Creative Ideas for 30-52-365 Projects

Here's a ginormous list of repeatable art ideas where you can play with variables, take different paths or tangents or directions, as the base for your explorations. Setting a small daily creative goal has a positive domino impact on your life! But where do you start? What do you do? It's easy to start wavering between ideas, unsure of what to do, and then taking no action at all. But we're not going to do that!

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Daisy Yellow Zine #17: Kick-Start Your Art

At Daisy Yellow I focus on the value of doing small art projects every day, how sticking with your art practice helps you build your drawing, painting, collaging, design and brainstorming skills so that you can do the art that you really want to do. The focus of Issue #17 is getting the inertia to START and KEEP GOING with your art. This is a digital magazine with 26 pages of colorful artwork & essays about creative work. 

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