52+ Repeatable Daily Creative Ideas for 30-52-365 Projects

Here's a ginormous list of repeatable art ideas where you can play with variables, take different paths or tangents or directions, as the base for your explorations. Setting a small daily creative goal has a positive domino impact on your life! But where do you start? What do you do? It's easy to start wavering between ideas, unsure of what to do, and then taking no action at all. But we're not going to do that!

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Daisy Yellow Zine #17: Kick-Start Your Art

At Daisy Yellow I focus on the value of doing small art projects every day, how sticking with your art practice helps you build your drawing, painting, collaging, design and brainstorming skills so that you can do the art that you really want to do. The focus of Issue #17 is getting the inertia to START and KEEP GOING with your art. This is a digital magazine with 26 pages of colorful artwork & essays about creative work. 

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Green clouds and ink blots.

Creative people thrive on making stuff. Real stuff. Intangible stuff. Imaginary stuff. Cinnamon strudels, photographs, patterns, apps, scarves, ceramic chop stick holders, novels, accordion books.... But having to do a specific thing on a specific day can feel stifling sometimes, can't it? It just feels like another rule. And I'm not much of a rule follower in terms of my art. 

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Art Inspired by Music: Green Day, Springsteen, Cranberries & Etc.

I've been working on art inspired by rock music and discovered [again] that creating to a song can be a deep and intuitive experience, even more than working from a prompt or quotation. 🛵 Music has been integral to my life, very much part of me since my high school years. I feel like with a song, there’s more data + sensory input. I can use the entire span of the song as the prompt, the mood, the lyrics, plus my experience and interaction with it over the years. 

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365 Somethings 2018: Getting Started

Happy new beginnings, my friends! It's been very busy around our house with college applications and holidays... but we cannot forget about ART!!! It is always there, behind-the-scenes, the scaffolding that keeps me balanced. I wanted to tell you all about the 365 Somethings Project I'm doing with Hanna Andersson in 2018! This is NOT your typical 365 project... BECAUSE it can done on your own schedule, NOT structured as one per day! 

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Wonder31 #22: Uncertain

And how could YOU interpret this prompt? Start with the word. You could place it at the center of an index card and brainstorm what it means to you. Do you crave MORE or LESS certainty in your life? If you made a list of what is CERTAIN and UNCERTAIN what would be in each column? What colors would you use to interpret this word? Or the opposite of this word? 

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If You Can Make Jell-O You Can Make a Gelatin Printing Plate

It's easy peasy to make a handmade gelatin plate and print an eclectic stack of hand-printed papers. Gelatin prints become fodder for my collage work . Gelatin printing is calming, meditative and energizing like cut + paste therapy. It starts with curiosity, wondering what on earth will happen, playing with surface masks, and the unpredictable, imperfect nature of the output.

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