Inktober: Mosaics, positivity + ribbons

A challenge is whatever you want to make of it -- use the core rules of the challenge as your starting point and off you go.

The best thing about a global challenge is that wave of positive energy that flows throughout the creative community on instagram and FB. Seeing so much art inspires us to re-focus on our own art-making. There are a heck of a lot of people drawing and mark-making and playing with ink. I'm not trying to be woo-woo about it -- but each day I look forward to yummy art in my insta-feed! It's lovely to discover new artists and new ideas. What clever things will you devise? That goes round and round. Go to Inktober 2017 No. 1 to see the full series.

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no:rules art journaling {workshop expansion}

Free:fall into no:rules art journaling. 
Take those papers you've collected forever
and introduce them ✂️⚛️ to the wildness of acrylic paint.

Need a creative escape? A bit of self-nurturing me-time? Want to meet other folks who love art journaling as much as you do? You can share your pages and chat @ art journaling in the private, happy little Daisy Yellow Altered Books FB group. 

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workshop, mixed mediaDaisy Yellow