Perfect and Imperfect and in Between

It's useful to step back and take a macro view of our creative endeavors.

What is the point, the goal? With your lines, your brush strokes, your photographs, your words? Where are you headed? What do you want to accomplish? This is a question that only you can answer. No-one else gets to decide for you. I think that there is value in working in both spaces, in working to improve our skills and also in playing!

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The magic of creating every day

If you take up some form of creative work, there's a domino impact with threads leading to almost every aspect of your life. The work {whether you call it work or play} becomes a facet of your personality and self-identity. You start to "see" the world from a new perspective, with eyes that see opportunities in things you had previously ignored.

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Counting Index Cards

During the index-card-a-day challenge there are always SO many cards flying. I hope you've been propelled into idea-land. I know it probably doesn't make sense unless you have experienced idea-land. But ideas feed ideas and suddenly you're in the thick of paint and paper and designs and patterns and then it's time to start an idea notebook. Start tracking those ideas! 

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