Tutorial: Carving Stamps

In this tutorial, a nudge to hand-carve a few stamps, to make a little design or pattern and turn it into a repeat. These miniature handmade mark-making devices add a unique twist, a bit of YOU, on your journal pages. [Updated from March 2015]

Create repeatable imagery in your own unique style.

This is an introduction to eraser and linoleum stamp carving, including a video tutorial, ideas & inspiration. Add some hand-carved stamps to your art journal!

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Wonder31 #16: Architecture

So I have decided that I am going to do all of the Wonder31s even if it takes a few months! I'm finding it infinitely challenging [in a good way] to have a prompt for my mind to ponder. You know all about procrastination, right? Hence the delay in creating what may seem to be a fairly simple response to this prompt in the form of a cuddly little 3x5" index card. And yes, it's curved because it's warped and I didn't have a chance to press it flat under some heavy duty Harry Potter books.

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Paint a Gouache Grid

Here's a really lovely way to paint a grid, and you can make the little boxes as perfectly square or as wonkily rectangular as you wish. The tape mask provides crisp edges when removed, which leaves you space to write or doodle or just enjoy that vast white space. You might also cut up these little abstracts, leaving an elegant white border, and use them as collage fodder or teeny tiny canvases for your doodles or self-portraits. The limit is your imagination, of course!

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Tutorial: Bold Patterns with Magic Markers

Don't you think it's time for a little creative diversion? Over the past few years, I've filmed a bunch of videos that I posted at Vimeo and in the midst of backing up my movie files, I'm finding the gems and posting them to YouTube. This is a fun one from 2014 about designing bold patterns that make use of positive and negative space.

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The Delusion

Hand-lettering on a dark mixed media background, especially one layered with collage or acrylics, is especially challenging. But a white pen comes to the rescue! In the video, I wrote with two different white pens on the background of Golden heavy body acrylics, {i.e. black, payne's gray, teal etc.} so at first glance it's a mysterious almost-black. I reserved some space at the top left for writing and that's where I added a quote. The words at the center margin were just squeezed in, not planned. And of course there are words on some of the papers... 

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Let it fly out the window on the wings of a butterfly.

Imagine folding and gently packing up your carefully concocted negative thoughts in a little suitcase... then open the window to see the blue of the sky and gently hand your suitcase of thoughts to a sparkly lavender ladybug. She takes your weight and returns a promise, to float off into the stratosphere and free your mind. 

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Daisy Yellow