Expand your Index-Card-a-Day experience.

When I started ICAD in 2011 there were fewer online creative challenges. The simple idea caught on and we all fell in love with the simple rectangular format of the index card. It's a zero-risk, totally imperfect, flexible substrate. And in that no risk environment, we can give ourselves permission to explore without fear of failure. All of the ideas, tips, resources, zines, videos, tutorials, feedback, and cheerleading that I do... are all with the goal of getting you guys to that 61 card goal!!!! That accomplishment will give you a swoosh of self-confidence! It's easy to start, but it's also easy to give up. I don't want you to do that! 

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Index-Card-a-Day 2018 Index

Here's how it works. Folks around the globe 🏄 create something on an index card from June 1 - July 31. That's 61 days of creative work! It's not a competition or a who-can-do-better-art kind of fancy schmancy challenge but a super intense roll-up-your-sleeves project.
Bookmark this page. This serves as a table of contents 🌻 and index for the annual challenge.

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Index-Card-a-Day Warm-Ups No. 1-3

The first set of warm-ups!

This is your diving board, your launch pad, the GO square in Monopoly, the first pitch, the kick-off, the face-off, the on-switch, the green light, the turbo-boost, the spark, the rocket fuel, the whatever-it-takes to get started. Get yourself into the zone, the mood to create, the mental space to conquer your stack of index cards. For warm-ups, you can work on ANY substrate or medium.

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