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Here the spot to learn about my mixed media art journaling workshops!

Check out my watercolor/gouache workshops too. All of my workshops are about exploring, experimenting and playing with your art materials in a warm, encouraging environment.

Novel Approach is my latest mixed media workshop. This self-paced workshop is taught via video tutorials, with prompts, discussion, resources & tips to spark your creativity. We will do our art journaling in a hardback book, with a focus on heavy body acrylics and collage. There's a private Facebook group where you can share your work, if you feel comfortable, ask questions and talk about the techniques. It's a warm & enthusiastic group.


The Acrylic/Collage Workshops

Novel Approach is the first of two new workshops for 2016 and a good fit for artists with beginning to intermediate experience in working with acrylics and collage. The focus is about the act of creating, not creating something perfect.

Novel Approach Workshop

We will not follow any formulas. It is valuable to allow yourself the space for play, experimentation, exploration & imperfection in your journal. You'll explore fun, messy, free-range, organic, playful art journaling. I'll show you a variety of acrylic painting and collage ideas/techniques that you can take in any direction you wish. We'll generate ideas and learn how to bring those ideas into your journal, "diving" in while refining and exercising your creative thinking skills.

Feedback from workshop participants highlights my ability to create a warm and nurturing environment for learning. This workshop is quite literally about acrylics and the textural experience of altering a hardback book into an art journal. So while it will be fun, it will also be quite immersive in terms of actually PAINTING stuff in your book-turned-journal.

In Lenna's words, "I find Tammy Garcia's online workshop to be very organized and so inspiring. Full of the details I need, but with the freedom and permission to be me. Tammy inspires me to try so many things I would not try on my own and she attracts a lot of fun & creative people to her workshops. It is a joy to participate!"

Details: Self-paced online workshop taught via video tutorials with creative prompts, advice, tips & tricks. Beginning to intermediate level experience with acrylics/collage.


Groovy Grunge [Registration opens in JULY] is currently in development. This workshop will follow the theme that I began in Novel Approach, and we'll take your skills to the wild & crazy next level. This is a workshop I've been longing & dreaming of developing for several years, an advanced art journaling workshop, a refreshing creative| stretch| challenge for folks with acrylic painting and mixed media experience. I would consider this an intermediate to advanced level, a good fit if you have experience with acrylic paints but want to dive much deeper into abstract techniques that can be utilized in your art journal, on index cards, wood, canvas, etc.

Details: Self-paced online workshop taught via video tutorials with creative prompts, advice, tips & tricks. Intermediate level experience with acrylics/collage.

Watercolor | Gouache | Collage | Paper Sewing Workshops

I also teach abstract watercolor, gouache, doodling & paper sewing workshops including Tiny Museum, Painted Paper Paradise and Watercolor Playground. Click the link to learn all about these super duper fun workshops!!!

Workshop Registration

Registration. Be sure to read the WORKSHOP FAQ so that there are no surprises. This is a self-paced, online workshop where you can login at your convenience and work at whatever pace you wish.

Click the registration link below and select a workshop or combo-pack. The link will take you to PayPal. Once payment is sorted, within 48 hours I will send you login/password to access the workshop website. If you are taking TM, PPP or WP, I will send you the 29-Page Watercolor Workshop Expansion Pack! This is a manual process so thanks for your patience. Kindly wait 48 hours before checking on your registration.


Also ☞ Learn more about my abstract watercolor, gouache, doodling & paper sewing workshops.

Art Materials? I keep the supply list to the bare minimum and provide a list of art materials and answer your specific questions upon registration. You are encouraged to purchase as few materials as possible. In general, you'll need a hardback book, heavy body acrylic paint {i.e. Golden Heavy Body Acrylics or Liquitex Heavy Body Acrylics}. A few brushes, a liquid adhesive {fluid matte medium or soft gel/gloss}, magazines, index card artwork or painted papers, a stack of index cards and a handful of Neocolor II water-soluble crayons. 

Is this a beginner, intermediate or advanced workshop? All of the above! This workshop is appropriate for anyone who would like to learn more about working with acrylics and collage in your art journal. You can start where you are and apply and expand upon the concepts. The workshop will not cover color theory or conceptual aspects of design, value studies etc. It will be a warm, positive, inviting introduction to the art of altering a book and creating a bunch of fun, messy pages where you can feel free to play.

Workshop website, materials and videos available through December 31, 2017. I will extend this date if at all possible. The private Facebook Group for the workshop is open through December 31, 2016.

About Tammy | Daisy Yellow

Hi! I'm Tammy. My workshops focus on the creative process, teaching flexible, open-ended techniques that you can build upon and use in your art journal. I've long been a proponent of art & visual journaling and my approach is to break through the fluff, mystery & mystical terminology and share techniques to inspire you to get to work in your journal. It is my goal to create, in the space of my online workshops, a warm and welcoming environment for creative play & experimentation.  I work in a wide range of mediums and teach mixed media art journaling workshops as well as watercolor & gouache workshops.

My artwork has been published in the book A World of Artist Journal Pages by Dawn DeVries Sokol; my articles & artwork have been published in various spots including Featuring Magazine and Create Mixed Media.

I've been art journaling since 2007, blogging since 2008 and teaching online journaling workshops since 2012. I'm a self-taught mixed media artist with a background in quantitative analysis, so I guess I'm an analytical artist! More in About Daisy Yellow

To learn more about my perspective on the art of art journaling {and it is an art}, you can read Thoughts on Art Journaling and Art Journaling Without Rules.

Learn more about my abstract watercolor, gouache, doodling & paper sewing workshops including Tiny Museum, Painted Paper Paradise and Watercolor Playground.

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