My workshops focus on the creative process, teaching flexible, open-ended techniques that you can build upon and use in your art journal. I've long been a proponent of art & visual journaling and my approach is to break through the fluff, mystery & mystical terminology and share techniques to inspire you to get to work in your journal. It is my goal to create, in the space of my online workshops, a warm and welcoming environment for creative play & experimentation.  I work in a wide range of mediums and teach mixed media art journaling workshops as well as watercolor & gouache workshops.

About Tammy + Daisy Yellow

My artwork has been published in the book A World of Artist Journal Pages by Dawn DeVries Sokol; my articles & artwork have been published in various spots including Featuring Magazine and Create Mixed Media.

I've been art journaling since 2007, blogging since 2008 and teaching online journaling workshops since 2012. I'm a self-taught mixed media artist with a background in quantitative analysis, so I guess I'm an analytical artist!

Workshop Registration

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Good news! I've extended access to Tiny Museum, Novel Approach, Painted Paper Paradise/Watercolor Playground through December 2018. This is an extra year!

Workshop Pricing

Start, revamp, refresh + reinforce your daily creative practice and generate creative ideas with a focus on index card art and collage. 
Price: $60

Wild mixed media art journaling with acrylics + collage in an altered hardback book.
Focused on acrylic painting and collage techniques.
Price: $80

TINY MUSEUM {Extended Edition}
Playful abstract designs + patterns in watercolor or gouache on watercolor paper.
Focused on watercolor or gouache painting techniques.
Bonus: Watercolor Workshop Expansion Pack 29-page ebook.
Price: $60

Price: $125 {save $15 USD}

Playful abstract patterns in watercolor + bonus paper sewing tutorials.
Focused on watercolor painting techniques for the absolute beginner.
Only available as a combined workshop. 
Bonus: Watercolor Workshop Expansion Pack 29-page ebook.
Price: $60

The Circle

The Circle is a deep dive into the daily creative habit. We'll work on small format art with creative exercises, explorations, tutorials and resources that you can use as launching points for index cards or the pages of your art journal. 

Start + revamp + refresh + reinforce your creative practice. Where can you take it? How do you stay motivated? Where do you find ideas? How can you take an idea and explore it in a series? How can you take a concept and expand upon it? How do you develop experiments to pursue? Creatives at any skill level can incorporate a daily art habit. It's not about making perfect art, but exploring creative ideas via art.

Content will grow every few days until I've shared 61 individual posts. Content includes 10 video tutorials about collage & lettering, ideas to ponder, prompts, discussions plus a few audio recordings... all designed to kick-start your creative endeavors. 

Access to a small, private Circle Facebook discussion group where discuss art journaling, index card art and everything from pencils to perfectionism. A space to share your index card artwork.

From a macro perspective it is about incorporating creative stuff into your life. Doing the work, the mental gyrations & gymnastics so that you SEE things differently. This workshop will help you break through perfectionistic tendencies and help you move through an imaginary or real creative block.

Workshop resources/videos/Facebook group available through February 28, 2017. 

Novel Approach

Pages from the Novel Approach Workshop. Artwork by Tammy Garcia.

Pages from the Novel Approach Workshop. Artwork by Tammy Garcia.



My latest mixed media workshop! We create pages with acrylics and collage in an altered hardback book. 

We will not follow any formulas. It is valuable to allow yourself the space for play, experimentation, exploration & imperfection in your journal. You'll explore fun, messy, free-range, organic, playful art journaling. I'll show you a variety of acrylic painting and collage ideas/techniques that you can take in any direction you wish. We'll generate ideas and learn how to bring those ideas into your journal, "diving" in while refining and exercising your creative thinking skills.

Feedback from workshop participants highlights my ability to create a warm and nurturing environment for learning. This workshop is quite literally about acrylics and the textural experience of altering a hardback book into an art journal. So while it will be fun, it will also be quite immersive in terms of actually PAINTING stuff in your book-turned-journal.

In Lenna's words, "I find Tammy Garcia's online workshop to be very organized and so inspiring. Full of the details I need, but with the freedom and permission to be me. Tammy inspires me to try so many things I would not try on my own and she attracts a lot of fun & creative people to her workshops. It is a joy to participate!"

Details: Self-paced online workshop taught via video tutorials with creative prompts, advice, tips & tricks. Beginning to intermediate level experience with acrylics/collage.

Art Materials? Upon registration, I'll provide a list of art materials and answer your questions. You are encouraged to purchase as few materials as possible, but invest in good quality paints! In general, you'll need a hardback book, heavy body acrylic paint {i.e. Golden Heavy Body Acrylics or Liquitex Heavy Body Acrylics}, a few brushes, a liquid adhesive {fluid matte medium or soft gel/gloss}, magazines, index card artwork or painted papers, a stack of index cards and a handful of Neocolor II water-soluble crayons. 

The only prerequisite is a desire to work with acrylics and collage in your art journal. You can start where you are and apply and expand upon the concepts. The workshop will not cover color theory or conceptual aspects of design, value studies etc. It will be a warm, positive, inviting introduction to the art of altering a book and creating playful pages.

There's a private Facebook group where you can share your work, if you feel comfortable, ask questions and talk about the techniques. 

Workshop resources/videos available through December 31, 2018 [just extended]. Facebook Group available through December 31, 2016.

Tiny Museum

Artwork from the Tiny Museum Workshop. Artwork by Tammy Garcia.

Artwork from the Tiny Museum Workshop. Artwork by Tammy Garcia.



This is my most current watercolor workshop! The focus is on the creative process, sharing painting techniques to build upon and use in your art journal. We work with pencil, paint & paper to create tiny abstract designs. Learn how to generate ideas and transform them into watercolor or gouache; develop the ability to "dive in" and exercise creative thinking skills.

There is a private Facebook group where you can share your work and get help with troubleshooting. Check out the student work from Tiny Museum. Plus! Six NEW sections added in April 2016!!!

Taught via video tutorials on a private workshop website. This is a beginner to intermediate level workshop. Students at any experience level are welcome.

Bonus: Watercolor Workshop Expansion Pack, my 29-page ebook revised April 2016.

Workshop resources/videos available through December 31, 2018 [just extended]. Facebook Group available through December 31, 2016.

Student Feedback From Tiny Museum:

"I highly recommend the Tiny Museum workshop. Such simple techniques but so very effective. I LOVE the art I've made for Tiny Museum. I've bought more watercolor journals because it's such a lovely medium and I just want to keep doing more! I love how Tammy puts her workshops together - everything is very clear and easy to follow and she provides great feedback. The video tutorials are wonderful - they're beautifully produced and an absolute joy to watch." ~ Rebecca P.

"Labor Day I had the house to myself {heaven} and had so much fun playing with the inspirations grids. I could keep going forever. Color and pattern are my happy place." ~ Calene S. writes about the inspiration boards exercise.

"A warm-up grid where I focused on exploring the relationship of water & paint, not so much on patterns. For me it was about noticing the tiny interactions between colors, how the paint hits the water. This was incredibly relaxing to do!" ~ Patricia D. writes about the process of creating a page.

"That lady could motivate a snail to stand up and do the tango! Watercolor and gouache are certainly dancing together in my journal as I work through the many videos in this class. I'm sure everyone has their own approach but I enjoy working while listening to the videos, listening and following along very loosely while Tammy describes what's she's doing. Her enthusiasm is contagious and helps cut through the painful haze I am swimming through every day." ~ Michelle R.

Groovy Grunge

[Registration opens in OCTOBER] is currently in development. This workshop will follow the theme that I began in Novel Approach, and we'll take your skills to the wild & crazy next level. This is a workshop I've been longing & dreaming of developing for several years, an intermediate art journaling workshop, a refreshing creative| stretch| challenge for folks with acrylic painting and mixed media experience. If you are new to art journaling, take Novel Approach first, and then Groovy Grunge. A good fit if you have experience with acrylic paints but want to dive much deeper into abstract techniques that can be utilized in your art journal, on index cards, wood, canvas, etc.

Details: Self-paced online workshop taught via video tutorials with creative prompts, advice, tips & tricks. Intermediate level experience with acrylics/collage or registered in the Novel Approach Workshop.

Painted Paper
Paradise +
Watercolor Playground

Painted Paper Paradise + Watercolor Playground are available only as a package set. 

Painted Paper Paradise. Freestyle watercolor/gouache techniques combining hand-drawn doodles & painted patterns. Create visually interesting abstract patterns. Painting, sewing & using hand-painted papers in your art journal. Learn how to machine-stitch paper and incorporate stitching in your work.

Watercolor Playground. Freestyle watercolor techniques combining hand-drawn doodles & patterns. An introduction to watercolor designed for the absolute beginner, starting with blending paint and finishing with a full color page of ink and watercolor doodle art. This workshop was originally taught at 21 Secrets, with rave reviews! By the end of the workshop, you will be able to draw and paint playful pages of colorful doodles! 

Taught via video tutorials on a private workshop website. I've helped hundreds of artists learn how to play, really play, and enjoy watercolor! These are beginner level workshops. For the [optional] sewing portions, you'll need to have a sewing machine and a basic knowledge of how it operates. 

Bonus: Watercolor Workshop Expansion Pack, my 29-page ebook revised April 2016.

Workshop resources/videos available through December 31, 2018. Facebook Group available through December 31, 2016.

Student Feedback from Watercolor Playground & Painted Paper Paradise:

"I’ve been a fan and follower of Tammy/Daisy Yellow for many years and recently completed her Watercolor Playground Workshop. Tammy has a fun and playful style of teaching. She manages to make you feel like YOU can do this. I’ve always felt intimidated by watercolors-but after taking Tammy’s class-the apprehension has been kicked to the curb! (and I love the music she plays during a time lapse segment) Thank you Tammy-for creating this class and sharing your passion and inspiration. It’s contagious:) You are a treasure!" ~Jenny P.

"I have never had any formal art training and have always felt deficient for this, and also a yearning to study art. I discovered your courses last year when looking for inspiration and have gained both skills and an awareness that the important thing is just to create and explore. Your tutorials are simple to understand and follow, you give clear and practical guidance and all videos are professional and fun to watch. The system you've developed of sharing and supporting work via the FB page is an excellent way of gaining insight into others techniques, styles and interpretations of projects you suggest. The encouragement and input you give is always appropriate and useful. Emphasis is put on the process, practise and also exploration. You teach vital skills to understand the properties, potential and limitations of working with watercolour and emphasise the delight of discovery and free expressive painting. I feel indebted to you, as you reignited my creative flame and gave me an outlet for this vital self expression." ~Debbie C.

Crossroads at 21 Secrets Spring 2015

Crossroads is an art journaling workshop at the intersection of journaling, ink, thread & watercolor. This self-paced mixed media workshop is available only as part of the 21 Secrets Spring 2015 Series. It is one of twenty-one journaling workshops called 21 Secrets...  a great introduction to the work of a bunch of fabulous teachers, and you can hop around and explore each of the workshops at your own pace. Teachers are paid by utilizing an affiliate link; if you register for 21 Secrets workshops through this link, I receive a small percentage of the purchase. 

Workshop content Copyright ©2011-2016 Tammy Garcia. Workshop registration does not convey copyrights. You may not teach or redistribute the content of these workshops in any format. You may not reproduce the process steps or content of this workshop except for your own private use. You may not publish or redistribute any portion or content from this workshop on any website, on social media or in any paper or electronic format. 

Workshop fees are non-refundable. If by chance you pay for the same workshop twice, or purchase a different workshop than you had intended, just send me an email and we'll work out the details!