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Writing Box

“We're both looking at the same moon, in the same world. We're connected to reality by the same line. All I have to do is quietly draw it towards me.”
Haruki Murakami

a peek in my writing/drawing box, a repurposed ipad box...

Pencils, calligraphy nib holder, black ink, black markers {PITT pens, microns, slicci, gellyroll}, scissors, repurposed sucrets box with calligraphy nibs, postage stamps {used, for journal fodder}, white markers {sanford uniball and gellyroll}, a roll of washi tape, eraser, mini ruler, mini triangle, pencil sharpener, waterbrush {which s/b with the watercolors}. There's a separate box of gellyrolls and pitt pen brush nibs that I use when I'm "coloring in" drawings.

In my purse... a 5x8" moleskine, slicci pen, gellyroll, PITT pens, blank index cards.

What tools do you keep close to you, easy to access?

What art tools are in your purse, pocket or backpack?

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Reader Comments (6)

Sometimes I will throw a few things, either the markers, the pencils or both into my bag and do art on the go. But usually not. I just finished your 6ix prompt. If I would have taken it on our trip to Los Angeles this morning (we're an hour from there), I would have had to have hauled several bags of scraps, two punches and glue with me. Too much so I did other stuff like read blogs while I was waiting for my husband to finish his audition, and then finished the page when we got home. I have done art at Starbucks over there a few times, like when he goes to acting class for two hours and leaves me at Starbucks.

01.24.2013 | Unregistered CommenterEllen

Sharpie Pens (the really fine point ones) are always in my backpack. I really love those for drawing and doodling. My sketchbook is in there too. At home I keep my gelly roll stardust pens by my bed. Art makes me happy!

01.25.2013 | Unregistered CommenterStargirl

Nice - now I know what to do with the box of my Samsung galaxy tab2 hehehe

At home I keep a sketch book and pencil case (containing fine tip pens, 2b pencils, coloured pens, a ruler, eraser, small scissors, small protractor, compass, stapler), and I also throw that pencil case into my bag when I go out. My bag has notebooks and a sketch book too. :)

01.26.2013 | Unregistered CommenterAlison

Sadly I don't carry any art tools around with me (other than my phone's camera) but my secretary desk with glass doored shelves keeps all of my supplies nice and handy at home. I love being able to see them all waiting patiently for me. Thanks for sharing!!

Thank you for all the ideas you gave for a writing box. I decided to give the faber-castell Pitt Pens a try thanks to your mention them here and in a previous review. I like to doodle zentangles with my fountain pens, but mixing the fountain pen ink with watercolors was not working out well. I have hope that the Pitt pens will work much better.

01.31.2013 | Unregistered CommenterWendy

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