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Workshop Questions!

I'm thinking of doing a workshop at Daisy Yellow during the second half of 2013 and I'm hoping that you can help thank you to the 109 folks that took my little questionnaire to help me me decide what to teach!

On to the results! I'm a math geek and I love surveys, so I'll share with you some geekiness.

According to the survey, an art journaling workshop will have the most interest. Perhaps a workshop "like" The Museum of Simple Things" with all new techniques and inspiration to face the blank page and work without fear. I'll consider a freeform mandala workshop as well.

Here's the % of respondents indicating the topic as #1 or #2 choice:

Art Journaling in an Altered Book {focus on acrylic painting techniques, collage, writing}: 64%
Art Journaling 101 {focusing on facing/fearing the blank page}: 52%
Drawing Freeform Mandalas: 37%
Sewing Paper {collage, adding stitching to art journal pages, making journals w/machine}: 30%
Digital Art Journaling {knowledge of Photoshop required}: 15%

Questions from the survey comments:

Will this change what you are currently doing at Daisy Yellow? No! I didn't mean to worry you in the least! Everything will continue, this will just be an additional thing that you can choose to do, or not. Nothing up my sleeve my dears! I did the Museum of Simple Things workshop last summer, and it did not impact anything else. Yes, prompts and all that will be as they are now.

Will the materials be available infinitely? The first two workshops at DY were closed after a number of months. This time I will keep the videos and instructional materials available indefinitely. But I would close the discussion forum after some period because I actively participate and otherwise would have too many balls up in the air.

Would the workshop be videos or PDFs or both? The workshop would be driven by videos, with all of the techniques on film with supporting documentation on PDF files. I am totally a techniques girl, the result will not be a perfectly pretty page but the knowledge of how to use a particular technique that can be applied to many pages in the future.

FB Group vs Private Forum @ Daisy Yellow. 35% preferred the private group and 45% did not care. I will use a private workshop forum at DY and a private Flickr group, as I did for the past 2 workshops. FB "notifications" are like someone is looking over your shoulder. There was a FB group for one of the workshops I took last year. That was the reason that I {with feet dragging} joined Facebook last year. But ultimately the workshop leader was not actively involved in the group! I don't get that at all.

Why Charge a Fee for a Workshop? Everything at Daisy Yellow {except the Zines} is free. It is a labor of love but there is very little profit. Yes, that is the sad truth about art! Each workshop takes weeks of creative development, videoing, editing, dubbing, and the active participation over the course of the workshop. There is a good amount of knowledge transfer and interaction and I believe that there is value in that. I don't just "offer" it up and let it go. I stay involved. It's much more personal than a blog post.

Other Questions:

YES! ICAD is happening this year! Index-card-a-day will run from June 1 - July 31, 2013. Stock up now! More on ICAD in the weeks ahead, including some opportunities to share an index card technique at Daisy Yellow.

How can an online workshop get past the sense of being isolated in front of a screen? This is a great question. I think that art can heal and art can bring happiness, but if you feel a need to be with others, perhaps you can find some local workshops to attend in person. There are community or city art associations for all sorts of things. Some art museums offer art workshops. Consider stuff "close" to your interest, or a tangent, if there's nothing else available. Like if you are interested in hand lettering you might take a class in calligraphy.

And as for Survey Monkey... a complete and total bummer. I used the basic level free account to see how the results were tabulated, how Survey Monkey quantified the results. Turns out, without prior warning, you can only see 100 responses without upgrading to the paid account, and you can't get the output in a quantifiable format {the raw data} so... 

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This post kind of gets lost among all the bright artwork on either side. You might want to push it up and add a banner or something eye catching.

{Tammy} Susan, THANK YOU so much for your feedback! I added a photo to make the post pop out. It's not something I would have noticed!

03.9.2013 | Unregistered CommenterSusan Jane

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