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Widget Mandala

"Knitting grants the virtue of patience.
You don't knit because you are patient.
You are patient because you knit."
~ Stephanie Pearl-McPhee

8x8" watercolor paper, mandala in purple Sakura micron (005)

Another early morning spent drawing because I couldn't sleep. I drew this with a Sakura micron (005) in my 8x8" Clairefontaine cold press watercolor journal. When I started drawing & doodling a few years ago, I never expected to become so familiar with the pens I use. My favorites are Sakura microns (01 or 005) and PITT pens (XS or S). I know how to hold the pens, know what to expect from them. Will the pen snag on the paper if I draw a line going forward? Will the ink bleed to the other side of this paper? Will a tiny drop of water from a pool splash ruin the page?  Will the edge of my hand smear what I just drew? Will the ink run out? These are solid reasons to buy quality permanent markers/pens for drawing or writing. 

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Reader Comments (3)

Tammy, I am soooo impressed with your dedication and discipline. Although I may not comment on each new mandala or post, I've been enjoying your journey! Hugs, Terri xoxo

I am enjoying your square mandala series. Each piece seems so intricate and unique to itself that each one is another little creative adventure. Keep going. Do you add color to them? or do they always stay line art? and one color?

Thank you for your constant support!!!

Diane, At first, I colored all of them, but for some period I've left them B&W. Lately that my kids have inspired me to start colorizing again! I tend to like them better as line art, because the challenge for me is the mandala itself.

Thank you for commenting!
~ Tammy

11.9.2009 | Registered Commentergypsy

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