Watercolor Painting: Masking Fluid

Mandala painted in watercolors using frisket as a resist.

the final painting, frisket removed (see video below)

the page painted with watercolors over frisket

design drawn in frisket, still wet

5.5x8.5" exacompta drawing journal, watercolor

The mandala was "drawn" with frisket. This experiment was inspired by Stephanie in Creating with Intention at Spiritual Evolution of the Bean. Stephanie is an incredible freehand mandala artist whose work you should explore.

The experiment. I drew the design in frisket, using the tip of the container to create the lines. Let it dry overnight. When I had a little time I set up the watercolors. Even later in the day I had a chance to paint the page with watercolors. Pretty random. This isn't watercolor paper - so the watercolors aren't as rich as could be.

I used Schminke blue masking fluid aka frisket, which comes in a bottle with a tip for drawing. I shook the container aggressively but unwanted air bubbles came out in a gurgle as I worked. So shake just lightly. It can be applied with a brush for a thinner line, but apparenty that can seriously gunk up your brush so use a junk brush. [For those with sensitivities, it has a slight chemical odor and contains latex.]

What's next? More experiments of course. I envision using a tiny brush to draw delicate polks dots or thin lines within doodles, and a mandala on watercolor paper... what would you do with frisket?