Video: Athena Mandala

The watercolored purple Athena mandala began as a pitt pen doodle in a 5x8" watercolor moleskine. I'm always interested in exploring more, more, more creative things to do. So using the video mode on the Nikon D90 DSLR and a tripod, I filmed myself drawing this mandala.

It was edited in iMovie, then uploaded to YouTube... but the quality was worse (it's not huge, so it's not a compression issue), so I tried Vimeo and the quality is clearer but I obviously still have a lot of things to learn. So I will continue playing with these tools and make some more videos. The original is of better quality - you can see the ink lines clearly - but here many of the lines are out of sync. So my apologies for the quality, but I wanted to share my fun.

I like learning technology by figuring out how to do a project I want to do, rather than via a tutorial of a project someone else does. So in this process, I learned the basics of iMovie, YouTube, Vimeo, finding copyright free music for videos, adding music to a video, creating title and end credits in photoshop... trial and error and lots of google searches! This took a LONG time! So if there is something you are curious about, there is nothing wrong with just jumping in. As they say, the water is fine.