Urban Layer Cake Tutorial {⒡ⓇËḝ}

A little gift to all of you!


This is Urban Layer Cake, my first workshop from 21 Secrets. I'm happy to release this workshop into the world. My 2011 workshop was all about grunge + acrylics. My 2013 workshop is all about watercolor + fresh bright color. I love it all!!! I taught this technique to a group of high school art teachers and we had a blast. It's just a fun technique that is versatile and flexible and can be used to create all sorts of layered page backgrounds. So here's the caveat. I'm sharing this as it is, a tutorial. There's no "workshop" or discussion forum or tech support or help desk, just two techniques videos. 

Video #1 {14 minutes} 

In this tutorial I create a rough, grungy art journal page using Golden fiber paste + Golden fluid acrylics applied with a gift card. The center is perfect for writing a quote or journaling stream-of-conscious thoughts.