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Unexplored Page


9x12" watercolor paper, golden fluid acrylics, oil pastels, a bunch of different white markers (a challenge to write on wet paint, go figure)

I had just a few drops of color left in a fluid acrylic containers, so I added water and dripped it on, painting the color across the page with a brush. Some of the oil pastels are on the first layer, under the acrylics, and some are on top, while still wet. I so rarely finish a bottle of fluid acrylics (maybe finished 3-4 ever).

Kat of Wright Story was so excited about yesterday's unwritten page that I decided to do another word today!

Have you tried Bubbled Brayer Backgrounds?

{NaNoJouMo #12 2010}

{More stuff for AEDM and NANOJOUMO 2010}

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Reader Comments (2)

Love the color... question..what kind of white pen do you use that writes like that???
I'm thinking of using india inks in white with a glass pen....

11.13.2010 | Unregistered Commenterbonnierose

bonnierose, on this surface, sakura gellyrolls and sharpie poster paint markers work, but not consistently. it could be that i didn't let the paint dry sufficiently, that's most likely the problem. i think i ruined the sharpie! opaque white india ink would likely work, just haven't loaded up the rapidograph to try. here's a page with white ink: Please do let me know if you try a white ink and i'll link over to your post.


11.13.2010 | Registered Commentergypsy

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