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Traditions Galore

♦ serve cinnamon iced cream ♦ send new years cards ♦ decorate the door with a simple wreath ♦ give everyone a book ♦ skip the 12th annual neighborhood "Reindeer Blast-Off ♦ turn holiday photos into a mosaic (Big Huge Labs, Picassa, etc) and print ♦ take no posed photos, only candid ♦ have a harry potter movie marathon ♦ sketch your december garden ♦ serve lime sorbet ♦ create holiday Mail Art ♦

If you could let go, simplify or alter one family tradition, what would you do differenty?

What new tradition will you start this year?

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Reader Comments (3)

This year, we're instituting 'secret santa', since all the kids are grown and have lives and money of their own. We're going to focus on the feast and time together rather than gift giving.After years of stressing out over gifts for three boys, I'm so stoked.

11.23.2010 | Unregistered CommenterEffy

these are great to think about! For the last few years, we'd have a Lord of the Rings marathon at some point during Christmas. There's always holiday baking, of course, and some time between Christmas and New Years we make home made perogies. I'd like to re-institute the making of latkes as well, which we somehow missed last year.

However, it might be time to let go of one tradition I've had since 2003. I started drawing and writing letters from Father Christmas a la Tolkein, but now my kids are past the age of willing suspension of disbelief. I haven't made up my mind about this yet, though.

11.23.2010 | Unregistered Commentersophie_vf

Effy, The whole present-focus is overwhelming in some homes. We do holiday presents, the kids are still little, but the gifts are not extravagant.

Bonnie, I'll go check out the details on your mail art swap. However, after 30 days of art x 2 = 60 bits of artwork I can honestly say that I'll need to NOT join any challenges for a short while so I can catch up on some regular life stuff!

Sophie, Your letters to your children sound so lovingly done. Perhaps now that they are older, you could ask them if they look forward to them!


11.24.2010 | Registered Commentergypsy

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