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The Rhodia Journal Swap #6

psychedelic circus... painted with kuretake waterbrush

and she's buying a stairway to heaven... led zeppelin

an olive jar with pink flowers... added neocolors and painted with water using kuretake water brush

roam if you want to, roam around the world.... b-52s... watercolored with kuretake waterbrush


the truly wonky zombie mandala from hell {couldn't get it to work}

I actually did 7 drawings, but forgot to photograph the last two before excitedly mailing the journal a day early. The journals are arriving later and later in the month, so I have to consolidate my drawings into a shorter period. These mandalas are mostly experimental, not the tried and true designs, but that is how you learn and grow. You have to try new patterns, new twists and they don't always work out. Then you name them "the truly wonky zombie mandala from hell" and move on to the next page!

There are 12 Rhodia webbie journals traveling around the states, and many folks are diligently filling in the pages of the journals with all sorts of creative fodder. The 6th series of pages in the 6th journal of the swap!