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The Rhodia Journal Swap #2

Drawing was getting a little boring, so I decided to alter the journal with my sewing machine. First, a pocket made from envelopes and paint chips with a MOO card slipped inside. 

doodles in pitt pen and black gellyroll

left - airbrush acrylics smashed from the envelope-in-process; right - mandala in pitt pen

washi tapes and brainstorming names of fruits + veggies

stitched the page, then drew in the doodles within the stitched areas

stitched the pages, then painted with airbrush acrylics, then drew a simple mandala in pitt pen


the back of the page above, showing the paint soaking through the stitching

the rhodia journal sitting on the black/blue/white grunge envelope ready to mail

I've been working through this journal for a few weeks but it was time to wrap up the last few pages and get it out the door. Good progress on the CREATIVITY QUEUE this week!

There are 12 Rhodia webbie journals traveling around the states. 12 folks are diligently filling in the pages of the journals with all sorts of creative fodder. This is the second journal I've worked in... ten to go.

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Reader Comments (3)

Thanks for sharing. I just love the idea of the journals traveling around.

{Tammy}: Carlene, Thank you! I will try to keep that image in my mind as I figure out what to do inside. I keep second guessing whether I should have committed to a year-long project, but it is my first of this type and I am definitely learning.

This is simply amazing!! Love the free flow of the pages!! Thanks for sharing!!

{Tammy}: Sandy, Glad this looks like a free flow, because I was seriously at a loss for what to do with the pages. Thank you for the kind words.

04.2.2012 | Unregistered CommenterSandy Moss

Like the traveling pants but way better!! :-) Great pages!!

{Tammy}: Lorinda, Thank you so much!

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