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The Questionable Zen of Chopping up Journal Pages

Cutting, punching + slicing art journal pages last week was totally fun and energizing! I've cut up pages before, to use in collages or in weaving paper. It's cool to use something I created to make something else. I like the idea of creating everything I use on a journal page although I'm nowhere near that goal yet.

But I got emails, folks concerned that I'd destroyed something of beauty. Curious, I asked my kids if they were worried that I'd cut up my artwork... Daughter (9) said, "I wasn't worried because I knew that you wouldn't cut up anything you really liked." Daughter (11) said, "Well, we do stuff like that."

Your turn. What do you think about cutting up art to use in other art? Do your unfinished pages gnaw at you from the shelf? Do you create your own art journal fodder? Do tell.

Check out Andria's inchies ~ now I want to work in the tiny format again.

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Reader Comments (8)

I have not yet cut up any finished journal pages but I do always put a sheet of paper under whatever I am working on. Then, after many many layers the page is covered in color in a random pattern. I use that to create lovely things for my journal. I used one background page for a post card during the DIY post card swap, but my most favorite thing to do with them is to cut them up into petals and make flowers out of them.

Hmm, well I was very inspired. I took my xacto to some loose journal sheets right away and it was soo fun! I'm gonna try my punches next. :)

04.25.2011 | Unregistered CommenterJamie

i don't have any problem cutting up unfinished pages. i am a queen of unfinished, LOL. following your example i recently did some paper weaving with pages from my scraped papers (michelle ward had a challenge on scraping paints and i got carried away) sketch book. loved them. haven't used them yet, so i guess they are unfinished too, hehe. i might cut up finished pages if i was really unhappy with them.

04.26.2011 | Unregistered Commentermaryk

I like the idea of taking something I created and alter it to create something else. I find that I don't do it enough though.

04.26.2011 | Unregistered CommenterMissKoolAid

Good question... I seem to keep my painted paper laying around, in hopes of one day using them.
I do tend to reflect, telling myself, "okay, when are you going to cut these up? create something with them!"
Visiting your site is helping me open up to those ideas... I am inspired by your freedom of create & cut.
Many thanks :]

04.26.2011 | Unregistered CommenterApril Cole

I don't really cut up unfinished journal pages, but maybe I should get "brave" enough to do it. I

have de-constructed a couple journals into something I like better (better binding method, etc for the way I like to work), and felt a LITTLE bad about it, but hey- if it gets me to use the pages, right?? and they're MY books; I shouldn't feel bad about it at all, really!

I do have a couple more journals (made in classes) that have been started, with painted pages, and I know I'm never going to use them as the "themed" books they started out as-- I really should de-construct those, as well. Thanks for the impetus!

04.28.2011 | Unregistered CommenterJennifer

yes, I've cut up artwork before...stuff I didn't feel 'came together' but had a lot of color & potential. your little squares will look great on whatever you use them in! I've made color copies of portions of journal pages & used them in other projects too. Mostly I paint watercolor paper or cardstock, stamp & draw on it, then cut it up. Found you through Parabolic Muse blog. keep up the excellent work.

04.29.2011 | Unregistered CommenterDianne

I have cut up artwork, but one of the most satisfying things I did was cut up some written journal pages that were read by unintended eyes (jerk). So I cut them up, painted over them, but with the script still peeking though and made several other journal pages out of them...and the pages were still about the same subject. Sometimes I have taken pages I wasn't crazy about and gessoed over parts of it...then I reworked the page into something completely different that i liked much better.

05.2.2011 | Unregistered Commenterjoyce

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