The Pen Stash Grows

comparing the  pentel slicci .25 and the pilot hi-tec c .30, both wickedly thin lines, very similar

The Slicci comes in a variety of nib sizes and I ordered the smallest at .25. {2 photos above}

These Hi-Tec C pense have .3 nib. {2 photos above}

At Janet Takahashi's artful journaling workshop there was a lot of juicy conversation about favorite pens. Janet and artists at the workshop raved about the Pilot Hi-Tec C pens and the Pentel Slicci pens. I tried someone's Hi-Tec at the workshop and it was brilliant. Hence, a splurge! I was going to stitch a pen case for myself but these Japanese pen cases were so coolicious. They will be perfect for taking writing instruments, erasers, sharpeners, washi tapes on vacation (my daughters take a lot of markers too) and for drawing adventures at the coffee shop. I've been carrying my markers and pens in a zip lok, and although functional, these are much prettier.

This was my first order from Jet Pens, whose website is wickedly fast and the order delivery was quite speedy. I'd heard good things about the company for years, and was so pleased with how it all worked. I look forward to lots of drawing adventures with these pens. My daughters already want me to order another set!