The Noticing Journal {an Altered Book Journal} #2

One of the things I've been trying to figure out is how to draw thinner opaque lines in acrylics. I found Golden Airbrush Colorsand after doing a bit of research learned that they are not just for airbrushes! They are as intense and saturated as fluid acrylics but not as thick so these remind me of ink rather than paint.

the famous coca cola logo, my favorite yet forbidden pop

I used a flat paint brush to paint these pages in my new altered book (my Noticing Journal, to remind me to notice the little things) with air brush paints in blues and whites, with a little off white fluid acrylic. Then I took a paper towel which was saturated wth reds and magentas from dabbing another page and smashed that onto this page. The little dots are from the paper towels!

before collage + lettering

drawing in a cafe, one of my favorite luxuries

after collage + lettering with airbrush acrylics and edged with a white uniball marker

This is the true joy of the airbrush colors, squeezing the bottle (see the lids? they turn to let more or less paint out) and squiggling over the page, letting the colors run together. Wow! I smashed the pages together a bit in the process with fun results. I didn't use a brush at all on these two pages. 

These pages have textured gesso as a base layer, squeezed airbrush acrylics, painted in a dreamy way with a round brush. These just rock.

more backgrounds, playing with reds and oranges and whites and pinks

Played around here with greens and yellows in the airbrush acrylics mixed with an off white in fluid acrylics. You can mix and match. So testing the new airbrush acrylics I'd purchase is my "thing" for the creativity queue challenge and an art material I highly recommend.