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The List Journal Project: Tape



 The List Journal Project is about writing lists in your journal. Hanna and I made each other stitched journals especially for the project, and we are opening our journals and sharing our lists with you each Saturday until we finish our journals.

We hope that you will play along! You can write a list on an index card, type a list in a funky font and print it and glue it into your art journal, hand write a list onto an art journal page, or add a list box to the corner of that day's to-do list. In any way you wish.

Find my first list, and the introduction to the project.

Washi tape is seriously fun stuff. I love it! So much that I just got another washi tape injection, er, order, from my fav tape store, cutetape. I've added my favorite washi tapes to the stitched journal that Hanna made for me, and that's my list!

At first I didn't understand all of the fuss about washi tape but it seemed alluring, like patterned cardstock. A way to add pattern, color, texture but mor eimportantly another way to attach things to my art journal pages. And so I "invested" in some japanese washi tapes and fell in love! I use them on art journal pages, in collages, on envelopes, all good uses.

Please join us in our creative list-making adventure!

Use this button if you want to play along with us and link to Hanna or Tammy {either one is fine!!!} Next Saturday we’ll post the next list prompt! Be sure to pop over to Hanna's introduction to our journal swap.

Here's what you do! Just create your list and pop back to this post and add your link in the comments. You can link to a blog post or to your uploaded photo at Flickr. You can do the list any time this week.

List it Tuesday is at Artsyville! Join Aimee, an avid doodle-list writer, in her weekly listy prompts.

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Reader Comments (6)

Your #1 would be mine #1 too: yellow polka dots is awesome. I've pealed away all the bits of tape you sent attached to a plastic bag and added them to art journal pages today. Nothing was wasted I promise!


10.14.2012 | Unregistered CommenteriHanna

I see some familiar tapes there! I just love a good list and couldn't resist breaking in a new journal with this one.

Hi Tammy! Just finished my page of Washi tapes. New post on my blog.

10.14.2012 | Unregistered CommenterMarci Glenn

:) And I sit here with no Washi Tape. I am so, so tempted, but still sitting on my hands. Though I love the tapes, and I love seeing them on people's pages...I am stepping away from the computer, and all temptation!

Great page and list!!

10.15.2012 | Unregistered CommenterNatasha

Because of you, I went to cutetape and spent $100 on tape!!!!!! Obviously, I don't have the self control that Natasha has!! I know I am a few weeks late, but I am making my "Favorite Washi Tape" list. Will post soon.........

10.25.2012 | Unregistered Commenterkathy

I love your project and starting work on the prompts on my blog :)

11.3.2012 | Unregistered CommenterLay Hoon

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