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The List Journal Project: Dream Travel Destinations



The List Journal Project is about writing lists in your journal. Hanna and I made each other stitched journals especially for the project, and we are opening our journals and sharing our lists with you each Saturday until we finish our journals.

We hope that you will play along! You can write a list on an index card, type a list in a funky font and print it and glue it into your art journal, hand write a list onto an art journal page, or add a list box to the corner of that day's to-do list. Whatever!

Find my first list, and the introduction to the project.

The list for this week is Dream Travel Spots. For my list, I decided to include some spots where we've actually been, because they are dreamy and I'd like to go back. We've been to Hawaii, New Zealand + Tofino, and we've not been to Fiji or Venice {yet}! I love how Hanna composed this page - with a bold purple striped paper edging the bottom, the little journaling spot and beautiful stitching.

Please join us in our creative list-making adventure!

Use this button if you want to play along with us and link to Hanna or Tammy {either one is fine!!!} Next Saturday we’ll post the next list prompt! Be sure to pop over to Hanna's introduction to our journal swap.

Here's what you do! Just create your list and pop back to this post and add your link in the comments. You can link to a blog post or to your uploaded photo at Flickr. You can do the list any time this week.

If you are a list lover, check out List it Tuesday at Artsyville!

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Reader Comments (5)

Okay...I'm we post our pages next Saturday using the Dream Vacation list? Sorry.

09.29.2012 | Unregistered CommenterDanielle

I am going to do this as soon as I've taken my doggie for her walk! I've missed some, so I may just go backwards.

09.29.2012 | Unregistered CommenterChris

Great page! LOVE that you included Tofino!! My favourite spot... I'm heading up there for my second visit this year next weekend. Will say hi to the beach for you!

Loving the lists--I can't stop making them (good thing)! Here's my dream travel list link:

10.1.2012 | Unregistered CommenterTabitha

Awesome page Tammy, but where is Sweden on your list? Please come! And you've been to NZ? How cool, that makes me jealous. And I haven't heard of Tofino... should I go there? Lots of curiosity here!

Danielle, please post your page any day and let us & everyone know! I'm curious of your list...

10.2.2012 | Unregistered CommenteriHanna

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