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the fog appears just before halloween

“Sometimes in life, from out of a myriad of prosaic decisions like what to eat and where to sleep and how to dress, a true crossroads is revealed. In these moments, when the fog of relative irrelevancy lifts and fate rolls out a demand for free will, there is only left or right – no option of four-by-fouring into the underbrush between two paths, no negotiating with the choice that has been presented. You must answer the call and pick your way. And there is no reverse.”
― J.R. Ward

I arrived early for a meeting on a foggy morning.

I'd grabbed my camera on the way out, after seeing the fog.

Driving the girls to school, we were so excited about the fog! It was magical!

Spooky forests.

The historic streets.

Spooky wonderland.

Temporary halloween stores pop up everywhere.

I love Halloween.

A week to go!

Grocery aisles of Halloween-themed hazarai.

Shelves overflowing with bags of "bite-sized" wrapped candies, plastic spiders, stretchy webs, dry ice machines.

The girls' month long contemplation of potential costumes.

Costumes donned hours before we're to go, make-up, sparkles, spray-on hair color.

We make the rounds at dusk; by dark, the little one slows down, plastic pumpkin heavy with sugary treats.

Soon it's time for bed and the exhaustion sets in to balance out the sugar.

What's not to love?

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Reader Comments (6)

I topped a hill this morning on the way to work and the valley below was like a SEA of fog. It was beautiful to look at. Not so much fun to drive through though. Love the pics, especially the wooded scene!

✭✭✭{Tammy}: Blade, The visibility was less than 10 car lengths, just amazing. We approached overpasses we could not see. It was something you don't often see here in N. TX and I am happy you saw it up in OK too!

Wonderful, Wonderful pictures here! You've definitely captured the magic of Halloween!! I miss the fog (a little) from my years living outside of Seattle. I adore the picture of the cowboy!! Wow!! Hope you all have a Happy Halloween!!

✭✭✭{Tammy}: Eden, Thank you! The cowboy sculpture is the coolest, so Texan. Growing up in PA we had fog from time to time, certainly more than TX. Such a rarity here.

10.25.2011 | Unregistered CommenterEden

So Fog is not common in your part of Texas?? I agree on all the Halloween comments. Sadly my 15 & 17 y/o are on a temporary hiatus from the costume thing, I hope it returns in college - it did for me and adult parties give or take ever since. It is witch day at work on Halloween . . . the opportunities are endless. This summer on top of Mt. Cadillac in Acadia we were above the clouds and it was totally awesome to watch them roll in off the ocean. Can't describe it other than maybe magical.

✭✭✭{Tammy}: Carol, we get a heavy fog perhaps 2x/year. Sorry about your kiddos not doing halloween like they did when they were little. The only time I can recall being "in" or above the clouds yet on the ground was on a camping trip to West VA when I was in high school. We played frisbee in the clouds, I remember it so clearly. Happy Halloween!

10.25.2011 | Unregistered CommenterCarol

So many things I love about this post: the quote (JR Ward is my favourite author!!!!), the photos, the theme... I'm a big fan of Halloween. I rarely decide in advance what my costume will be but I always get dressed up in something fun (working with kids, it's a must!) I always try to have a costume made out of regular clothes and accessories... so much fun to improvise!

✭✭✭{Tammy}: Sophie, Is there a particular book by JR Ward that you'd recommend? So happy you like these shots, I am in love with the look and feel and cannot believe I took them!!! Our costumes are basically old clothes as well with other stuff stitched on or somehow embellished. I look forward to hearing about your costume this year and the kids' reaction.

10.25.2011 | Unregistered CommenterMissKoolAid

What a neat photo of the cowboy and horse, with the playground showing through! I especially enjoyed the "spooky forest" pics, too.

10.26.2011 | Unregistered CommenterAndria

I am always intrigued by fog myself. Although sometimes I feel like I live in a fog. Great pictures and great story to go with it...Following Halloween...spooky might be onto something.

10.30.2011 | Unregistered CommenterJudy H

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