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    The Daily Paper Prompts!

    3x5" index card, heavy body acrylics, fluid acrylics

    In the Daily Prompts section, I'm working on 61 Daily Paper Prompts. The intention is to help you add creativity to your day with the nudge provided by a simple prompt. The prompts work for any size of paper - index card, index card divider, post card, 5x8" moleskine, full page, watercolor paper, probably even a cereal box. 

    Interpret the prompts literally, figuratively, luxuriously, peacefully, helpfully, partially, poetically, realistically, specifically, mysteriously, logically, chaotically, neatly. It's a launching point.

    It's a veritable treasure chest, a prompt-o-matic machine!

    DPP #1: Paint a Rainbow
    DPP #2: Windows
    DPP #3: Drips
    DPP #4: Flowers
    DPP #5: Linear
    DPP #6: Certification
    DPP #7: Leftovers
    DPP #8: Faded
    DPP #9: Games
    DPP #10: Stitch Paper
    DPP #11: Ogee Pattern
    DPP #12: Round
    DPP #13: Grid
    DPP #14: Saturated Color 
    DPP #15: Words
    DPP #16: Dictionary Love {Gretchen Miller}
    DPP #17: Chandelier
    DPP #18: Create an Art Travel Kit
    DPP #19: Mail Art
    DPP #20: The Blues {Patricia Dattoma}
    DPP #21: Stamp a Mandala
    DPP #22: Mapping
    DPP #23: Draw a Mandala
    DPP #24: The Simple Plastic Card
    DPP #25: Create Art Elsewhere
    DPP #26: Artist Trading Cards
    DPP #27: Slow Journaling
    DPP #28: Nature Journaling
    DPP #29: Swirly Writing
    DPP #30: Creative Reading
    DPP #31: Finishing
    DPP #32: Invent-a-Font
    DPP #33: Art Material Color Palettes
    DPP #34: Puzzled
    DPP #35: Documenting Markers, Pens & Pencils
    DPP #36: Messing Around with Paint {Natasha White}
    DPP #37: Block Letters
    DPP #38: Color Grid {Hanna Andersson}
    DPP #39: Paint Lines
    DPP #40: Create a List
    DPP #41: Scraping Paint
    DPP #bonus: Haiku
    DPP #42: Hand-Lettering {Teresa Robinson}
    DPP #43: Brainstorm!
    DPP #44: Acrylic Leaf Prints
    DPP #45: The Sun
    DPP #46: Stapled Collage {Lauren Bergold}
    DPP #47: Stamping Circles
    DPP #48: Ransom Note
    DPP #49: Vogue
    DPP #50: Negative Space {Jana Bodin}
    DPP #51: Borders {Kim Hesson}
    DPP #52: White Page
    DPP #53: Triangles {Denyse Whelan}
    DPP #54: Organize Emphemera
    DPP #55: Patterns on a Grid {Anika Starmer}
    DPP #56: Torn Paper Collage
    DPP #57: One Word Journal Page
    DPP #58: Hand-Carved Stamps {Gabriele}
    DPP #59: Altered Maps
    DPP #60: Monochromatic Collage
    DPP #61: Create to the Rhythm of the Music {Marit Barentsen}

    Share your work in the Flickr group or the Facebook group.

    Check out The Official Guide to Daisy Yellow Creative Prompts.

     Find ALL of the DPP's at this link: Daily Paper Prompts

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    Reader Comments (1)

    Dear Tammy,
    Although the idea of the daily prompts was to encourage people to reserve time for art everyday, i took it from a lazy woman's point of view and started doing a bunch over the weekends instead of every day:) So far all is going well. These prompts have really inspired me in many ways. I just wanted to thank you again for sharing these. I can imagine it takes too much time to manage all the website traffic and the facebook and other mediums as well.But it is worth all the effort.I hope you will continue after 61 prompts are completed...

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