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The 5 W's

“Memories are their own descendents
masquerading as the ancestors of the present.”
David Mitchell

Stamping words into the noticing journal, an altered book turned art journal. Used Traci Bunkers alpha stamps. Not sure where this is going, but these are good questions to ask about anything.

Working on...

Art Journaling in the Noticing Journal The altered hardback has started to fall apart because I have a habit of not letting the pages dry adequately and using too much luscious drippy paint... but I figure I'll stitch it together and learn to bookbind at the same time... Gotta learn how to use a Dremel some day.

Daisy Yellow Zine Issue #5 I've mentioned this to several of you with Zine #4, that the Zines "blossom" gradually. My goal is about 10-12 pages and 10-15 Kick-Start prompts for this Zine. So as I develop a new idea for an article, or write a prompt, I add that to the Zine. My guesstimate is that I'll publish in late June. If you wish to buy the latest Zine, click here for info!

my to-do list for the workshop

Art Journal Workshop: The Museum of Simple Things I've finished the BIG stuff like filming videos, editing videos, writing PDF instructions, taking and editing photos, setting up the workshop workspace on the web, setting up the forum discussion, that sort of thing. I still need to plan the text chat sessions on Skype and record a podcast just for the workshop while I learn Garageband. Best way to learn something is to have a project and simply DO IT. That's how I learned iMovie. We have 18 artists-in-residence at The Museum of Simple Things. We are learning to paint and create with airbrush acrylics (without an airbrush, I might add). If you are into art journaling {or hope to be}, I hope you'll join us!

my first brainstorm about the workshop a few months ago

Stitching Sewed pillowcases for travel pillows for the girls' school camping trip. The owls and black polka dots are the combination DD12 selected; The blue and white was the mix for DD10. DD12 also requested something to keep it closed so the pillow wouldn't fall out, hence the pink ribbons.


24x36" canvas

Painting on large canvases. Giving serious consideration to selling "original" canvas artwork. The Daisy Yellow Shop is quiet, so I need to give this idea a lot of thought. It could be a very good thing. But I am not good at "jumping in." 

6x9" rhodia webbie, fluid acrylics

The Rhodia Swap Journal is finished for May...  crazy painted mandala in fluid acrylics.

Index Card a Day 2012 #ICAD2 preparations are underway. We start officially June 1. I've updated numerous documents including the ICAD2 FAQ... created a badge {get one for your blog sidebar if you are participating} and wrote the weekly prompts. And found the box of index cards I'd stashed last fall.

I travel this empty road almost every morning.

Instagram is such fun! It reminds me of the "olden days" of flickr with lots of sharing, in the moment comments, favs, etc. I don't have any idea how to link from here to my instagram stuff -- my name there is gypsy999.