Tangentiaficated Nonsense

“The cucumber and the tomato are both fruit;
the avocado is a nut.
To assist with the dietary requirements of vegetarians,
on the first Tuesday of the month a chicken
is officially a vegetable.”
― Jasper Fforde

Making up fake buzz-words in the exacompta. Utter and complete nonsense! It started with a blunder, a misspelling of the first word, so I just went with it and made up more words! I have space for a few more, any ideas? My fav is CAFFEINIZE.

Materials: Golden fluid acrylics, gellyroll.

And there's a photo on the left but I've decided to keep it private because it has to do with an idea for something I'd like to print on little cards that are moo-sized or business card-sized but I get stuck at the whole "figure out how to get it printed and sold" phase. So it's a secret for now!

Didja know? It's Day FOUR of Art Every Day Month at Creative Every Day!