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    Zom of the fun pinch me to see if you are dreaming blog has tagged me for an 8 Things List... I usually don't do memes & tags but for the record, here's my "Four Things" List. The blogs below have officially been tagged for an 8 Things )or 4 Things) List. If you are tagged, and it's not your thing, that is cool, no worries. And yes, the tag photo is totally tacky, but so perfect!

    4 things I am looking forward to:

    1. A long summer vacation
    2. Learning how to use my new camera
    3. Going to the farmers market for fresh mangoes
    4. My new summer reading group

    4 things I did yesterday:

    1. Got the Mac to play nicely with the Dell notebook
    2. Got a haircut & highlight, only 6 weeks overdue
    3. Drew part of a mandala
    4. Listened to my daughters giggle

    4 things I wish I could do

    1. Follow directions using N E S W
    2. Have magical powers
    3. Ride a roller coaster every day
    4. Sew with a sewing machine

    4 things/shows I like to watch

    1. Mad Men
    2. Grey's Anatomy
    3. House
    4. Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations

    4 creative things I did this month {new category}

    1. Drew black and indigo mandalas
    2. Made word charms with shrinky dinks
    3. Joined a summer reading group
    4. Experimented with my new camera

    4 wonderful blogs, too many to choose from

    1. Handmade Homeschool
    2. Mom in Madison
    3. The Artful Parent
    4. Swan of Dreamers

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    Reader Comments (1)

    Tammy, how did I miss this?

    I like Mad Men too. It is like entering a time machine.

    05.24.2009 | Unregistered CommenterZom

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