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Stitched Journals

Lots of fresh journal goodness in the Etsy shop... journals like those used in the List Journal Swap with Hanna. Each journal is unique, quirky and happily imperfect. Some have stitched patchwork covers and one has a collaged paper cover. Each has at least 10 spaces for writing, perfect for journaling each night during a trip, for writing lists of favorite things or for writing about a particular theme.

Stitched Journal with Collaged Paper Cover {sold}

Stitched Journal with Patchwork Fabric Cover {sold}

A bunch all together...

Taller Stitched Journal with Patwork Fabric Cover {sold}


Stitched Journal with Stitched Fabric Mandala Cover {available}

A fresh collection of stitched journals are now in the Daisy Yellow shop! 

I've made stitched journals for our travels the past few years. Here's the stitched journal I took to Pittsburgh{my home} and the finished version. For our trip to Italy, I took a larger journal and wrote in it every single night! Here's the finished Italy Journal. I still have a few blank pages where I'll staple in some ephemera and found goodies. These journals work for me because each page has something that motivates or inspires me to write. The pages are colorful and I don't have to write a novel, just write about a day, a list, a thought. Not intimidating or guilt-inducing.

A new series of prompts has begun. Prompt6ix #1 and Prompt6ix #2 are ready for your interpretation. Six words, including a color and a technique, to inspire an art journal page.

PS. I'm teaching this year at 21 Secrets! Are you registered?

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Reader Comments (4)

LOVE these... I have recently started making my own, and I'm no where near this caliber yet... great work.

how many ways can i say cool?

01.8.2013 | Unregistered Commenterteddi

Ooooh! Love it! Will you be making more? I think they'll sell really well. I'll be saving my pennies for one!

{Response from Tammy}: Alison, Yes, I'm making more. A bit larger with a little more writing space. I have one more to add to the shop this week and then a bunch to stitch up. I love, love, love making journals!

01.9.2013 | Unregistered CommenterAlison

these are great journals tammy. love the covers and the pages with the little bits sewn to them. tfs

01.9.2013 | Unregistered Commentermaryk

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