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Stitch Your Wish

“I can imagine anything
except having no imagination.”
Michael Chabon

Make a Wish.

Free-motion machine stitching. Feed dogs down, baby.

Got the idea for using burlap at Crescendoh, where Jenny plays with free-motion stitching in magical fashion.


Good stuff...

Retro sign typography at Telegramme Studio

A great thought from Artsyville as we wander into the new year.

From Zella said purple: Be That Teacher {via tweet fr Alissa of Creative With Kids)

Between xmas and new years, I did a gig guest hosting at Creative Every Day!!! For the theme of winter, I shared a white mixed media art journal page I did for Building a Rainbow: Black or White.

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Reader Comments (2)

Do you use a darning foot or is your needle wild and free? I used to do this with my nan who was an embroidary artist and I forget how to do it now. Need to get a book on it really,.. She also taught me this awesom technique of stitching in an embroidary hoop on water soluble fabric which allowed me to make cobwebs and other things and you just washed the fabric out and you were left with the stitches. Such fun.

{Tammy}: Lianne, Yes, I used a darning hook with the feed dogs down, I didn't even consider not using a foot at all! I have two layers under the burlap, I'll add photos to the next stitching post, they give the fabric some rigidity that helps when moving it around.

01.5.2012 | Unregistered CommenterLianne

love your bright colors in your painting and love your free motion quilting. Glad to see that it is working out for you. Sew and paint on .

01.5.2012 | Unregistered CommenterCarol

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