Square Scrap Fabric + Ribbon Buster

Yet another way to utilize tiny strips of fabric to create some beauties.  

Turn long, thin strips of fabric and ribbon into beautiful squares.

1. Start with a piece of felt cut into a square or rectangle. Grab enough little strips from your stash to cover the felt. 

2. Place the strips on the piece of felt, starting at the top and adding strips until you get to the bottom. If one side of the fabric has started to fringe, place that side toward the top. Add a few pieces of ribbon if you have lots of unused ribbon.

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3. Place the whole thing on the sewing machine. The felt helps it all stick together. I don't bother with pins. Stitch down the center, then lift the needle and stitch two other lines parallel to the first.

3. You'll have three lines of stitches holding it all together.

Here's what the back looks like. 

4. Using your handy dandy fabric slicer of choice, or a pair of scissors, cut the excess to about 1/8" from the edge of the felt. 

The finished block, so happy!


1. Here we go again, same process, with a larger rectangular piece of felt. Load all of the strips neatly on the felt, overlapping each a little bit. Some may fall off, just put them where they belong as you go. Add a few pieces of ribbon too.

2. Sew a stitch down the center, then two more to the right and left of center, all parallel.

Everything looks pretty good except...

... one magenta and pink ribbon toward the bottom is out of place, so you can see the felt. I'll cut that off.

Cut the excess to about 1/8" from the edge of the felt.

I cut the larger rectangle into a bunch of blocks and some tiny ones too.

Ribbon purchased over the years, rarely used but very pretty.

Learn how to make petals + leaves with tiny scraps from your fabric stash with the tutorial!

So let's brainstorm.

What could you do with these scrap fabric + ribbon squares?