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"While there is perhaps a province
in which the photograph can tell us
nothing more than what we see
with our own eyes, there is another
in which it proves to us how little
our eyes permit us to see."
— Dorothea Lange

5.5x8" exacompta, pitt pen sitting in the HEAT after swimming

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Reader Comments (2)

Hello Tammy,
I have just found your beautiful Blog, (through a google search for mandalas). I have been looking at your posts and the lovley photos. I would love to know if you use any templates or guides to help plot the mandalas. My daughter colouring in the pre printed ones they have at school. I love doodling and drawing tangles too but so far I've never tried drawing mandalas myself. I also have found a site where they suggest using dots drawn in a circle and drawn guide lines but wondered if you have any other suggestions? Or do you draw them free hand from scratch? .
Many thanks for sharing your wonderful work of art.
Su Ward

10.7.2010 | Unregistered CommenterSu Ward


Thank you for your kind words. Everything I do is drawn freehand, no templates or rulers or protractors etc. I like the mandalas to have a quirky, imperfect look. My suggestion is that you and your daughter draw a circle in the center, maybe 1" diameter. Then draw some little doodle all the way around. Than another little doodle all the way around, turning your page as you go. As long as you keep the design symmetrical (not exact or perfect, but roughly similar things at each side) it will be great. I'm happy to help you get started, let's talk further!


10.7.2010 | Registered Commentergypsy

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