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    Slow Journaling in Ink

    Creative stuff doesn't have to happen in a vacuum... you don't have to ONLY JOURNAL or ONLY PAINT or ONLY SKETCH. You can play around with the words, the font, the colors, play around with your pens, markers & and ink! Don't you love the synergy and challenge of trying a bunch of new things together, experimenting? 

    It's a slow journaling style, stream-of-concious bit about my love of the book store. An excerpt... "I like to take notes at the bookstore... things I think of, quotes, books to investigate further, facts, sketches, notes, creative ponderings etc."

    I used 2 of the inks I've been testing with 2 Rapidograph nibs. This 8x8" Clairefontaine watercolor journal is a fun and very usable size... yummy cold-pressed 300 gm paper that takes fountain pen ink without bleeding or smearing. I'm a big fan of Moleskine watercolor journal paper, which is 200 gm, so the Clairfontaine paper is luxurious in comparison. The journal is wirebound, with a heavy 1/4" cardboard back page for support.

    The upper blue portion is written using a Rapidograph with a .6mm nib and J. Herbin Eclat de Saphir fountain pen ink. The lower pink portion is written using a Rapidograph with a thin .35mm nib and J. Herbin Rose Cyclamin ink.

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    Reader Comments (3)

    That's so beautiful. I love the idea of slow journalling, i may even give it a go!


    10.5.2009 | Unregistered CommenterKatherine

    I love bookstores! I find such fascinating things there that pique my interest! I usually make a mental note but I love your idea of writing down quotes and books that interest you while browsing!

    Your slow journaling is fantastic! Big difference between the 2 nib sizes! I still wish I could read what it says!!! LOL! Just kidding

    10.5.2009 | Unregistered CommenterEden

    I tried slow journaling and I love it! It looks like art on a page with all the squiggly lines. Awesome!!!

    10.7.2009 | Unregistered Commenterapple

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