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    Next in the series of photographs from our trip to Italy should technically be Venice, but it is taking forever to go through the shots from Venice so I am skipping on to the city of Sirmione. We picked up a fresh rental car in Venice and drove 2 hours west to Sirmione where we spent 2 days on the shore of Lake Garda. It's located between Venice and Milan. Sirmione is a small, picturesque town with a huge stone castle and ancient Roman ruins overlooking the lake. While Lake Como is in the mountains, Lake Garda is in area that is fairly flat and easy to access. Our hotel was less than wonderful, the worst European hotel yet, but the city made up for the unpleasantness.

    We found a lovely little restaurant and the food was so good that we ate there 3 times in 2 days! There was a touch of Austrian influence, and the girls had their favorite schnitzel. The homemade bucatini {super thick spaghetti-like pasta) was so good that when we got home, we splurged on pasta extruder + press attachments for our Kitchen-Aid mixer and we've made fresh pasta 3 times with different recipes. None of the recipes were quite perfect, but we shall keep trying.

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    I love my pasta maker and I feel so domestic goddess when I use it, I need to dig it out because I haven't made pasta for ages. I love all these photos, the sunset photos, and all the water ones, but the "Bestill my beating heart" photo for me is the one with the wooden pier. The colours and textures in that photo are beautiful. My children love schnitzel as well, I just don't love how messy I get crumbling it!

    12.1.2012 | Unregistered CommenterNatasha

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