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Monday, it all starts. The chaos. The craziness. The mad posting.

NaNoJouMo {National Nonstop Journaling Month with Dawn of D'Blogala}
AEDM {Art Every Day Month with Leah of Creative Every Day}

Of course all you really have to do if you commit to the challenge(s) is create a bit each day! But if you like to post your work to your blog, flickr, tweet about it, blah blah blah, this handy dandy checklist is for you:

I made a chart for each of the challenges to track my mad progress. Each has 30 rows, one for each day of the challenge, a spot for the optional theme posted by Dawn or Leah, check boxes for doing the art, taking a photo, uploading to blog/flickr, etc.

I found this paper in my dad's attic and had to use it for something fun! To track your progress, go to the NEW Creative Tools section at Daisy Yellow, download the files in either jpg or pdf format and print.

{Here's the legalese. Sorry I've got to say all of this, but copyrights (still) matter. These files are for your personal use. No derivative works, alteration, resale, representing as your own work. You can post your checklist on your blog to show progress. In return please attribute and link to Daisy Yellow. May you feel the guilt that only a Jewish mother could bestow upon you if you violate these terms.}

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Reader Comments (2)

Thanks, great idea for AEDM. Since it is already in photoshop, I am not going to print it out, I am just going to add another layer and type stuff in on that and keep it virtual and save the trees. Great tool though to remember to do all.

Have fun this month!

10.31.2010 | Unregistered CommenterDiane M. McKnight

Diane, Glad you have PS so you can track digitally!

Whatever will motivate you more, tracking on the computer or on paper, go for it.

With so much of my life digitized, it's a nice refreshing twist to have an analog printed checklist out on the counter or table to spur me to keep going and check those boxes! If I go on the computer I might get lost in la la land down the artsy blog rabbit hole.


10.31.2010 | Registered Commentergypsy

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