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quotes in a quirky lettering

the sharpies tend to bleed on index cards, which can have a neat effect

i forgot a word but i just kept going... the green/oops aren't on the real card

my daughter's index card

The girls had a singing event at their school tonight so we had an hour to spend hanging out before it started. We snacked and gabbed and drew on index cards... I toyed around with quirky lettering in Sharpies. If you recognize the quotes, they were on Daisy Yellow this week.

That was the art created for DAY No. ELEVEN of Art Every Day Month at Creative Every Day

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Reader Comments (2)

I like the bleeding on the index cards... I am loving this idea and think it is time to go get some and keep them handy in my bag and things... thanks for the inspiration xx

i'm just kind of curious as to what you do with the index cards when you're done with them. do you incorporate them in your art journal? hang on to them? make them into an art journal on their own?

✭ {Tammy}: Opal, I keep all of the index cards in a box. I've used a few of them as journal fodder and as fodder for my stitched journals. I've also included them in journal fodder swaps with a few folks around the globe. But really most of them are still in the box!

11.12.2011 | Unregistered Commenteropal

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